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Dear Colleagues, Happy Wednesday! This week the Religious Discrimination Bill is being considered by the Coalition and may be introduced in the House of Representatives within the next two sitting weeks…

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Have you liked the AACS Facebook page?

Help AACS to expand its online presence by liking the AACS Facebook page and posts. We are keen to inform people what Christian schools are all about and convey positive stories about our communities…

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ISV, AISNSW and AISSA to leave Independent Schools Council of Australia

As a result of the recent ISCA governance structure review, it has emerged that ISV, AISNSW and AISSA are to leave ISCA and have given 12 months’ notice of their withdrawal. We will continue to try to obtain information on what the new structure will look like, but a new constitution is being drawn up as we speak…

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Call for Summer ‘Brains Trust’

Are you a principal, board member, student, staff member, parent or alumni with a knack for words? Have you got time this summer to pen from a paragraph to half a page of your thoughts about your school experience? AACS would love to read your reflections and stories as it will help us provide examples in our face-to-face advocacy and submissions of real stories from Christian school communities. Some topics to aid your thinking are…

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School Funding Update

In light of the lack of finalisation of the Parental Income Test – Direct Income Measure of Capacity to Contribute, schools in 2020 are expected to be paid the best of either their 2011, 2016 or DIM SES. Initially, all schools will be paid according to their 2011 SES, with any catch-up payments to be paid later in the year if the 2016 SES or DIM is instead found to be more advantageous for the school…

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Register for the National Day of Action Against Bullying

Registrations are now open for your school to participate in the National Day of Action Against Bullying on Friday, 20 March 2020. Further details can be found at:

What is ‘conversion therapy’ and how does a ‘ban’ relate to Christian teaching and pastoral care?

The Victorian and ACT Governments have declared that they will soon ban ‘conversion therapy’. Given hormonal treatment and psychological aversion therapy were part of harmful and discredited conversion practices carried out by both secular and religious people many years ago, you might ask what exactly exists today in Victoria and the ACT that they want to ban?…

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Project 111 – Review of the Equal Opp Act 1984 (WA)

The Law Reform Commission of Western Australia is currently reviewing the state’s EO legislation. This review will include an examination of religious exemptions in discrimination law, whether to include terms such as ‘vilification’ and a positive duty not to discriminate, an investigation of the powers held by the EO Commissioner and other related matters…

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Teaching school hub model expands – call for candidates

Following on from the success of the AACS member school, St Phillip’s Christian College Teaching School, Alphacrucis is about to establish a second partnership hub called the Sydney Teaching School Alliance. Following on from the success of the AACS member school, St Phillip’s Christian College Teaching School, Alphacrucis is about to embark on a second partnership hub called the Sydney Teaching School Alliance…

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Call for student artwork for AACS website

If schools have some high-quality photos of student artwork they would like to send in for our website, please do!


At a recent AACS workshop at Cattai, NSW, Principals and Board chairs practised addressing their school communities on the matter of religious freedom and how challenges to employing Christian staff would impact their school. ..

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2020 is looking to be a massive year for Christian education and should you feel comfortable in letting your school community know of the option to donate directly to AACS in your newsletter…

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Melbourne Declaration Revision

AACS made a short-form submission on the updated draft of the Melbourne Declaration to feed into the draft to be presented to Education Council in December…

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