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Welcome – September Bulletin 2018

What a month it has been! A lot has changed since our last Newsletter. We have a new Prime Minister, a new Minister for Education and a new funding arrangement for Non-Government Schools.

The upheavals in Canberra have meant some re-orientation of work for AACS and indeed for everyone representing the education sector.

We have more clarity about the direction of school funding (assuming agreement can be reached with the State Governments) but we have also seen the spotlight turn more directly onto religious freedom and the implications for schools. The new Prime Minister, Hon Scott Morrison MP, has highlighted religious freedom as a key area of concern for him.

Over the past few weeks we have been meeting with Advisors to the Prime Minister, Minister for Education, Shadow Minister for Education and Attorney General to continue explaining why Christian schools exist and why our freedoms are important if Australia is to continue offering choice and diversity in education. These have been positive meetings.

We have also said farewell to our colleague Wendy who helped up establish the AACS office in Canberra.

We will communicate more substantially on religious freedom in the coming weeks, but for now, we hope this newsletter gives you a summary of some of the key issues of the past month.

Grace and peace to you all,

Erik and Annette


Changes in Canberra

Along with a change in Minister for Education, there has been a change in office staff. Scott Prasser is now working for Senator Bridget McKenzie. Tanya Plibersek also has farewelled her Education Advisor.

AACS has thanked both these Advisors for their hard work and has also written to Hon. Simon Birmingham MP to thank him for his substantial work in education and wish him well in his new portfolio.

Commonwealth Funding (Another Version of Gonski 2.0)

New funding has been promised to Non-Government Schools, with the Australian Government last week announcing a $4.56 billion package of …

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Teacher Registration and Quality

Teacher registration across the country has been reviewed by AITSL …

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Motivation – PISA Study

The most recent report to be released on the 2015 PISA findings came out in September …

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Religion in Public Schools

When the Prime Minister recently said that children in public schools shouldn’t face curbs on Christian traditions, AACS …

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Waiting for the Ruddock Review

The report of the Ruddock Review into Religious Freedom has still not been released though discussion about it is building …

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Compliance certification

Schools need to email their compliance certification to the Department of Education and Training by the close of business on 5 October.

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Spirituality and Religion for Teenagers

Many teenagers have an interest in spirituality and religion even if they are not committed to any organised religion …

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A Christian Prime Minister

Scott Morrison’s faith and involvement in a Pentecostal church has drawn a lot of attention since he took over the role of Prime Minister.

Simon Smart from the Centre for Public Christianity has written an article for the ABC, arguing that this is not a cause for alarm.

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Responses to Royal Commission

Since the conclusion of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, all States and Territories have responded and new legislation is coming.

School Governance are publishing two articles exploring these responses. The first is available now.

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