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Dear colleagues,

Today is a national day of prayer for Christian Schools. As per our email last week, schools across the country, from AACS and other branches of Christian education, are all putting aside time today for prayer. We will be united in prayer for our leaders and our schools as the Parliament begins its final sitting fortnight for 2018 and as they consider legislative changes that will affect faith-based schools.

The AACS Board will be praying together from Canberra today too. We will be meeting with the Minister for Education this morning and then also looking at the future strategy of AACS as well as the religious freedom debate we are in the midst of.

Please take the time to read the email below. It will give you updates about the religious freedom issue, but will also give you some overdue broader updates about other issues affecting our schools.

Grace and peace to you all on this national day of prayer,

Erik and Annette


National Day of Prayer

Today is a National Day of Prayer for Christian Schools across Australia.

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Senate Committee Submission and MP meetings

Last week, AACS lodged our submission to the Senate Inquiry …

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Tasmanian Gender Legislation

Tasmania’s Parliament is considering legislation that would lead to a number of changes regarding gender classification in the state.

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NSRB Review of Disability Loading

The National School Resourcing Board has commenced a review of the loading for Students with Disability …

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Unfair Funding? ABC News Report

On Wednesday, a major report was released by the ABC, stating that when the funding of similar schools across the country is compared, there are many Non-Government Schools receiving more funding than Public Schools …

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ACT faith-based schools legislation

This week, the ACT Parliament is likely to pass legislation that will affect the ability of schools in the ACT to confidently employ, teach and manage behaviour according to the beliefs of the school.

This legislation has been very quickly put together and has been said to be modelled on the Tasmanian arrangements. There may be some amendments before legislation is passed and, as with all these matters, the detail of the legislation will be incredibly important.

Please keep the ACT Government and ACT Christian schools in your prayers this week too.