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Welcome – June Bulletin

June heralds a new era for AACS with a whole new team: Erik Hofsink (Public Advocate), Annette Pereira (Executive Officer) and Wendy Morris (Executive Assistant).

We are very grateful for the wise and skilled service Martin Hanscamp has given AACS for the past few years. He and Anita were very well thanked and farewelled before Martin officially retired in May. Thanks also goes to Christine Paech who has faithfully served AACS, and the broader Christian school movement.

Federal Minister for Education Senator Simon Birmingham sent a video message of thanks and farewell to Martin at the CEN national conference dinner, and then also surprised Martin by arriving in person, along with his senior advisor Dr Scott Prasser, to the AACS 2018 AGM to pass on his best wishes.

The Minister shared the sentiment that many of us feel when he said:

Martin has been a very stoic but also extraordinarily principled advocate not just for the school sector but also for fairness … Martin, thank you very much. There is much that you and your family should be so very proud of in terms of what you have achieved and the way in which you have conducted yourself.”

We continue to pray for healing for Martin and lift all of the Hanscamps up to the Lord to sustain them and care for them.

We can assure you that we are rapidly finding our rhythm. Annette will be married soon, and then will join us working from the brand new AACS/CEN Office in Canberra. If any of our members ever come to Canberra and need a desk, a place to work, or even a meeting space, please get in touch with Wendy and she will arrange for you to be able to use the new national office at Emmaus Christian School.

As June is considered to be an AACS transition month, we have produced this short bulletin with only a few ‘hot topics’ and we look forward to providing you with a full newsletter again in July. Please note the AACS website has also been updated: 

For now, please continue your prayers for Martin, the new AACS staff and also for our education system as we seek to provide quality, gospel-shaped education to tens of thousands of Australian children.  

In Christ,

Erik, Annette and Wendy


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John Anderson at National Policy Forum

Former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson AO, delivered the keynote address at the National Policy Forum dinner in Parliament House in May. 

He spoke about the roots of the freedoms we enjoy, the erosion of those roots and the need to educate young people about our history.

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