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Today, November 15, the Postal Survey comes out. One positive out of this issue has been the way in which religious freedom has been discussed in a much more significant way. The ‘Yes’ vote has been successful and now the focus moves to what the Bill will look like and what possible form of religious freedom protections are included or alternatively provided for in other legislation. For some time AACS and many others have been running a campaign about religious freedom protection because the consequences are likely to be profound. Navigating these challenging waters is no easy feat.

Since the last month eNews, we have passed the 500th anniversary (October 31, 1517) of Martin Luther nailing his theses to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg. It was worth noting this event because it provoked such a monumental shift in Christian thought and church organisation, the effects of which continue to reverberate today. At the other end of the newsletter the ‘best of Reformation 500’ articles is worth a look.

This month’s eNews is a large one, as there is so much worthwhile material to engage with. Things politically are very active as Parliament processes: the citizenship crisis; the results of the SSM survey; what religious freedoms to include in the Bill; Parliament wraps up for the year; and some Catholic voices try to pull Gonski 2.0 funding apart. I would like to highlight the Dyson Heydon article, ‘Liberalism built on Christian principles’. It is challenging, but worth the read.

 Cheers, Martin


Short Updates

Business Managers please take note that the Department has promised that a Provisional Entitlement Notice (PEN) will be with schools by the end…

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Long Updates

SWD Funding has Significant Impact – For Business Managers

During this period of setting budgets it has been quite trying to get an accurate estimation of SWD funding; or it has been a surprise to realise that the change of …

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Same Se x Marriage Survey

We know that the result is a clear majority for the ‘Yes’ vote – 61.6%. The ‘No’ vote was 38.4%. The participation rate at 79.5% was outstanding for a voluntary survey and…

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Strong Support for Protections

Denis Shanahan reported in The Australian (Nov 11) that “There is overwhelming public support for new legislation to…

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The Liberal Par ty: a Case of False Promises?

Scott Buchanan in Ethos (Oct 23) takes aim at the Liberal Par ty and their ‘woeful’ reco rd on religious freedom and lack of…

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WA Government Seeks Legal Advice on Right to Discriminate

The information in this report is precisely what we fear will occur if religious freedoms are not adequately protected. The West Australian reports…

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UK ‘Inspection’ Backflip

The Australian provides an update on the story previously reported about a UK Jewish school that ‘failed’ its inspection because it wouldn’t teach…

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A Catholic Campaign to Undo Gonski 2.0

There has been numerous media report of Catholic schools raising fees sharply or even closing schools and then blaming Canberra…

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AACS Submission to the Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools Review

AACS lodged a submission to this Gonski 2.0 Review (Nov 3). The Review was commissioned to examine evidence and make recommendations on how…

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Other Submissions to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools Review

Rebecca Urban in The Australian has provided an overview of what some of the major peak bodies have submitted to the Gonski 2.0 Review…

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National School Resourcing Board

The members of the new National School Resourcing Board (NSRB) have been announced by Minister Birmingham. The NSRB will review the SES model and…

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Reports on VET Shows Need for Government’s Career Education Strategy

A press release from the Assistant Minister for Vocational Educ ation and Skills, Karen Andrews (Oct 23) reports on two research papers, released today by the…

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Liberalism Built on Christian Principles is Lost on Modern Elites

Former High Court Justice Dyson Heydon certainly captures the direction of our society and the moods of our secular elites, particularly towards Christianity, in his feature…

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Discriminating Against Students with Disabilities

Ivanhoe Grammar School (Melbourne) has reached a settlement with a 10 year old autistic girl’s family after allegedly refusing to…

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School Discrimination Against Students with Disability ‘Widespread’

A national study of students with disability has found that 70 per cent have faced ‘gatekeeping or restrictive practices’ in schools and…

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Enriched By Difference

The following extracts in Convivium were a part of a speech given by Cardus Senior Fellow Andrew Bennett to the Canadian Parliament on…

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Simplistic Advice for Teachers on How to Teach Won’t Work

In The Conversation (Nov 9) two Deakin academics question whether we should base teaching and learning policy on big data analysis. They say that…

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Support for Standardised Tests Boils Down to Beliefs About who Benefits From It

John Munro (ACU) argues in The Conversation (Nov 13) that standardised testing is necessary, but not sufficient. He concludes…

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Demand for People Skills is Growing Faster Than Demand for STEM Skills

It is good to see an article that provides some counter-balance to the over-emphasis on STEM skill training being the hope for the future…

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Educ ation and Care Services National Law Changes Commence – Early Childhood

On 1 October 2017, the Educ ation and Care Services National Law Act came into effect. These changes amend the National Quality Standards and implement…

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The Ten Commandments of Good Governance

This article from School Governance (Nov 2) would be good for school Boards to read as it would help to focus on the detail of legal compliance at the…

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‘School Climate’ Linked to Bullying and Delinquency

Schools with good ‘climate’ have been saying this for years. Researchers at Curtin University have found changes to ‘school climate’ can have an impact…

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What Our School Principals Need to Help Them Lead, and it’s not an MBA

In a new report, Preparing to Lead, Ben Jensen and Phoebe Downing say, “School leaders need tailored professional learning” according to…

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ReThink Orphanages – Voluntourism and Orphanage Tourism

A recently released interim report on Modern Slavery and Global Supply chains indicates that it is likely a Modern Slavery Act will be introduced in Australia, and…

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The God Question: Listen to Your Inner Voice

Greg Sheridan is a wonderful journalist. In this terrific and worthwhile read, Sheridan in The Australian appeals to…

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A Reflection on Relativism

Flinders University academic Dr Ines Dunstan takes a worthy swipe at cultural relativism gone mad in the Education Review. This is a worthwhile read from an…

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‘I’m No Right-Wing Warrior’ – Senator Lucy Gichuhi

“With just 152 votes, Lucy Gichuhi went from $15 a day to a $200K senate seat. Now the Steven Bradbury of politics has a…

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Is Hostility Towards Christians Increasing?

George Yancey in Patheos (Oct 16) addresses the question of whether there is an increasing level of anti-Christian hostility today, what he calls…

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Is It Wrong to Try to Persuade Others to Change Their Beliefs?

Rebecca McLaughlin writes in The Gospel Coalition (Oct 16) on a topic we all wrestle with – when you believe your faith has well grounded ‘truth’ claims, how should you…

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Finding a Moral Compass in Challenging Times

This YouTube discussion between David Brooks (brilliant and insightful New York Times columnist) and Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks is a thought-provoking discussion on…

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Freedom Not to Choose is a Faith Worth Believing in

A strange title which you would need to read the attached article in order to understand. In The Guardian article (Oct 15) agnostic David Mitchell reflects on a…

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The Legacies of the Reformation

Retired Fairfax Religious Affairs Editor Barney Zwartz wrote on the 500th Anniversary about the Reformation hero Luther and how he understood the need to know his…

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The Reformation: Five Ways it Changed Our World

A huge amount has been written on the impact of the Reformation on society with the 500th anniversary of Luther’s hammer work. Here is a crisp and insightful article from…

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Reformation 500: Top 10 Articles

Christianity Today (Oct 30) ran their Top 10 favourite stories about the Reformation from 2017.

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