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Term 4 is with us and we are in the closing stages of the SSM Postal Survey and by the next newsletter we will know the result. If the ‘Yes’ vote gains a majority we can expect changes to the Marriage Act to be proposed before the year closes. We keep campaigning for the protection to teach and uphold Scriptural informed viewpoints within our schools. This issue will be with us for some time. Again, articles within this newsletter have focussed on the religious freedom issue. My favourite article this month was the story of Andrew Hastie ‘For God and Country’. Greg Sheridan’s ‘Sin City’ is also most insightful.

Hoping these writings and articles are helpful. Martin


Short Updates

All AACS member schools will shortly be receiving background information and an invitation for an AACS Extraordinary General Meeting on Nov 22nd 2017, 4 – 6 pm, at St Andrews Cathedral School, Town Hall Square, Sydney…

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Long Updates

Proposed Changes to Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Laws

Under proposals suggested by the Northern Territory (NT) Government there will be a review of the Anti-Discrimination Act (labelled, ‘Building Safe, Vibrant and Inclusive Communities: Modernising the Anti-Discrimination Act’). Within the review it is proposed…

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Closure of Woolaning Homeland Christian College

An NT Christian Schools media statement (Sept 18) sadly announced the closure of Woolaning Homeland Christian College (WHCC) at the end of…

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Grade 1 Tests

According to the federal minister “No government school systems in Australia are doing adequate checks of young children’s phonics skills.” One can be in two minds about….

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A Discrimination Case and Melton Christian College

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal has found that Melton Christian College (a AACS member school) contravened section 38(1) of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 (Vic) by…

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What are the Implications of This Ruling for Schools?

Schools should consider the implications of this ruling in terms of their policies relating to dress, appearance and behaviour…

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Controversy Over Students With Disability Funding

A small controversy exploded in Victoria recently when The Age (Oct 10) published an article saying Independent Schools in Victoria (ISV) were…

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SSM Survey

AACS, on behalf of its members, has been writing to key politicians about the issues of religious freedom…

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SSM Debate Must Produce a Bill for Religious Freedom

Again The Australian Editor at Large, Paul Kelly, doesn’t hold back in challenging the “Yes” camp to meaningfully address the serious challenges to religious freedom…

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After the Honeymoon What are the Consequences of G ay Marriage

In a Quadrant essay (Sept 12th) Augusto Zimmermann addresses the question of ‘what is next’ should the Marriage Act get changed, drawing on examples of what has occurred in other similar…

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Will SSM Prompt Support for the Safe Schools Gender Fluidity Agenda?

There have been claims from the ‘No’ side that a change to the Marriage Act will ‘weaponise’ the Safe Schools gender fluidity debate. One Australian Conservatives ad states that…

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The Need for Religious Freedoms Protection

Dennis Shanahan in The Australian (29 Sept) writes on John Howard’s concerns about religious freedom protections. Here are a few key paragraphs. “Formally joining a public campaign for the first time since…

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Marriage – Can it be Same S ex? And Does it Matter?

There are so many articles and arguments. Occasionally something quite cogent and clear is worth taking note of. Andrew Heard from EV Church presents a powerful set of arguments…

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Tracking Australian Educational Outcomes

The National Report on Schooling in Australia 2015 is the annual report on Australia’s school education sector. Produced by ACARA for the Education Council, the report highlights…

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OECD Edu cation at a Glance 2017

The new OECD report Educ ation at a Glance 2017 is available. Minister Birmingham said the Report showed Australia’s education system ranked amongst the world’s best with high levels of ac cess, participation and attainment and strong employment outcomes.

Click here for the OECD Report.

Review to Achieve Excellence in Australian Schools

The closing date for public submission for the Review to Achieve Excellence in Australian Schools has been changed to 2 November 2017. The report is due to be…

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Talking to Children About Marriage Equality

CEN publish a magazine for parents called Nurture and in the December 2016 edition Chris Parker addresses the topic of talking to children about marriage equality.

Click here for the Nurture article.

OECD Expert Criticises Australia’s Push for Smaller Class Sizes

OECD Director for Education and Skills, Mr Andreas Schleicher, has criticised the focus on class size in Australia, and argued that Australian students rely on rote learning instead of…

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Male Teachers Extinct

I ran stories on this issue in the September eNews. In my view it is an important matter as children need both male and female voices and modelling in their education and nurture. From my anecdotal position I would surmise that…

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Did You Know That October is WorkSafe Health and Safety Month?

I don’t know any area that sends a shiver up a Principal’s spi ne more so than Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). Not an easy area and one that is constantly changing and expanding. School Governance (Oct 5) reminds us of the need to review and update. The article isn’t all that informative but it is a good prompt.

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Decoration or Distraction – Learning Matters

Misty Adoniou in The Conversation (Oct 2) comments on whether the effect that primary teachers put into classroom aesthetics is worth it. Here are a few paragraphs. “A comprehensive UK research study attempted…

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For God and Country

Andrew Burrell writes in the Weekend Australian Magazine (Sept 23) about a most impressive young Australian Christian politician. This is a great read…

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Sin City Provides More Proof of Evil Among Us

The remarkable journalist Greg Sheridan writes in The Australian (Oct 5) about the recent US shooting and the present difficult that western society has in addressing the problem of…

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To Change the World

Gordon Preece (Centre for Christianity and Society – Oct 9) reviews James Davison Hunter’s book, ‘To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World’…

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