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We continue to celebrate the successful passage of the Gonski 2.0 legislative changes and we are now seeking detail and clarification on the implications. We would agree with the PM when he heralded the victory as “the biggest reform in Commonwealth school funding ever…For the first time [we’ve] achieved: national, consistent, needs-based funding right across the country”. Hopefully the divisive school funding wars are a thing of the past.

Gonski 2.0 and some interesting reflections on what the census data tells us dominate this newsletter. However, three other articles are ‘must sees’. (1) The story from the UK about a religious school failing registration because it won’t teach about LGBT issues is a concern we have regarding the direction Australia is heading; (2) Paul Kelly again digs deeply from his terrific bag of insight in Blessed be the Egoistic Individuals’; and (3) a new author for this newsletter, Michael Bird reflects on a Christian response to identity politics. Don’t miss these articles.

Another reminder – where there is a gap in the words of article headings, this is not a mistake. It is our way of avoiding your spam filters, and a comment about the type of material that is included in the AACS newsletter. If you want to view the full newsletter you can click on the PRINT VIEW on the top left of the newsletter. We choose material for eNews that is peculiar to the Christian school sector and likely to be of interest to Christian educators.

Happy reading, Martin.


Short Updates

I think our schools have been more politically active in the few months around the Gonski 2.0 legislative period than at any time previously. Thank you for all…

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AACS and Christian Education Australia (CEA)

The two attached venn diagrams can assist you with understanding all the organisations and acronyms across the Christian school landscape. When explaining these changes…

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Teaching and Learning Leadership (TALL) Conference

I have recently written to all AACS schools about this new and important conference in Darwin (Sept 4 – 7). I would encourage all schools to send their key Teaching & Learning Leader(s) along to this excellent conference.

Click here for registration details and Click here for program information.

Gonski 2.0

We were most pleased that the Gonski 2.0 legislation succeeded and AACS put out an press release to note the occasion…

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Gonski 2.0 – DET Update

The Department of Edu cation and Training (DET) has updated their Quality Schools webpage, including the suite of fact sheets, to reflect the final package and passage of legislation.

Click here for the Quality Schools webpage.

Gonski 2.0 – Calculating School Funding

All Principals and Business Mangers of AACS schools should have received an individual email with their estimated funding percentage increase for…

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Gonski 2.0 – SWD Funding Calculations

There are substantial changes to the SWD loading and this will have a significant impact on school funding. This funding system is fairer in that it is sector-blind regarding…

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Gonski 2.0 – Some Summary Details

ACS welcomes Gonski 2.0 and the certainty of investment in school funding. Finally we have a sector blind funding system that is based on the…

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Gonski 2.0 – States Providing Their Share

This is one of the remarkable planned outcomes of the legislation. The Crossbenchers insisted that the states should be required to carry their fair load…

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Gonski 2.0 – The ALP Response

We note, with some concern, Tanya Plibersek said that an ALP government would re-instate Catholic ‘arrangements’. We will see whether…

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Religion Should Make no Difference to School Funding

Amanda Vanstone didn’t hold back when she critiqued the Catholic position on Gonski 2.0 in an ‘opinion piece’ in the Fairfax press on July 3.

Click here for the article.

Taking on Greg Sheridan Regarding Gonski 2.0

Greg Sheridan, the Foreign Affairs Editor from The Australian often has bold and insightful things to say. His critique of Gonski 2.0 in an article in…

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It’s Not Just About the Money

Now that the Gonski 2.0 reforms are in place the focus will shift to accountability for student outcomes and how Australia can make educational improvements. Articles like this one are…

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2016 Census Data

Click here for the 2016 Census Report.

2016 Census Data – The Religion Question

The 2011 Census had those identifying as Christian at 61%. With the change in the Census design, placing the ‘no religion’ option as the first of…

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Census – The ‘Religions’ Overview

Gary Bouma, well respected Monash University Sociologist, wrote in The Conversation (June 27) a summary overview on the ‘religions’ Census question. This article is well worth…

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Australia’s Rising Atheism

Bernard Salt reflects in The Australian July 1 on the reasons and consequences of Australia’s rising atheism. He says: “The rise of atheism speaks to another powerful…

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Christian Ideas That Undergird Our Western Democracies

While you might not agree with all of Jennifer Oriel’s political views, in the context of the declining place of Christianity (Census 2016 data) this Australian columnist makes a…

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The Anti-Religious Att ack on Faith and Freedom

One Christian School Board member writes in The Spectator (June 30) about parents choosing a conservative Christian school even with its orthodox creed statement. Used with permission.

Click here for the full article.

Religious School Fails Inspection

The UK Telegraph (June 25) reports that “a Jewish girls’ school has failed three Ofsted inspections because it does not teach pupils about…

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Is it Discriminatory to Have ‘God’ in Your School Creed?

Further to a story in last month’s newsletter about a WA school being taken to the State Administrative Tribunal about whether it was religious…

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Teachers Considering Quitting

Educ ationHQ (July 11) reports that, “the latest ASG-ACE Teachers Report Card has revealed about a fifth of teachers (21 per cent) have considered leaving…

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Bullying Programs Leaving Parents Out

The Adelaide Advertiser (June 25) reports on a UniSA paper, published in the Australian Journal saying that “parents need to be more involved in school…

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Blessed be the Egoistic Individuals

What a wonderful insightful and gifted writer Paul Kelly is. Here in The Australian (July 8) Kelly reflects on the decline of Christian influence, the rise of progressive…

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A Christian Response to Identity Politics

“How should Christians respond to this complex world of identity politics, choose-your-own-identity?” is the question that Michael Bird addresses…

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Soc ial Media – Are Your Policies Good Enough?

In this School Governance (July 6) article advice is given to schools regarding their soc ial media policies. This relates to employees who have…

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The School Curriculum: About Time

Geoff Masters, the Chief Executive of ACER writes in Teacher (June 26) about proposals for a different kind of ‘roadmap’ for learning. Presently most school…

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Great Book for Graduating Students

The National Institute for Christian Education have recently published a new resource. It is a powerful and challenging book for young adults that explores…

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Religious Freedom in Australia Overview

Neil Foster (Law & Religion Australia) has updated (June 28) his religious freedom paper. Foster looks at legal developments that have impacted our approach to…

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The Uniform Swap Saga

The Guardian (June 23) headline reads ‘Boys wear skirts to school to protest against ‘no shorts’ policy”. You might have thought it was about the gender wars, but no, it was a…

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Hanson Comments on Students with Autism

During the Gonski 2.0 debates, Pauline Hanson unleashed a firestorm of commentary about the way students with autism are treated and the impact they can have…

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Why it Matters to Transform Parent Involvement From Early Childhood to Primary School

In The Conversation (July 13) as a part of a ‘Parents’ Role in Education’ series. “Parental involvement in children’s learning is beneficial. Research shows it leads to…

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