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Welcome to April’s newsletter, although a little late due to the Easter break and start of Term 2. Despite the break it hasn’t stopped all sort of relevant news and events from being noted. The failure of the adjustments to 18C getting through the Senate certainly kept the focus on the ‘freedoms’ discussion and then both sides on the SSM debate have been regularly on the front pages.

Whilst there’s lots of stimulating reading, the two ‘not to be missed’ articles are:– (1) Affordability, demographics and Enrolment patterns; (2) Is trans gender ideology compatible with duty of care? Also ‘the Generation raised on Self-esteem’ is a salient reminder of what occurred for us at Easter.

Enjoy the reading feast, Martin


Short Updates

The Sydney Morning Herald SMH (April 3) ran a story on dads stepping up to fill volunteering positions in schools. With mums are so busy, dads are now contributing to…

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National Policy Forum – May 22-24, 2017

I am hoping that you have registered for the National Policy Forum and possibly the Wednesday symposium. If you are coming, have you invited your local member…

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AACS AGM – May 21 on a boat on the MV Southern Cross on Lake Burley Griffin. The boat will be leaving the wharf at 4:30 pm and is due back at 6:30 pm. Come and join us…

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Matters are progressing with the establishment of CEA and an update will be provided at the AACS AGM. I have put out to AACS members a series of…

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Parliamentary Snapshot

A quick snapshot of ‘action on Capital Hill’ (the same name as the US, just ours isn’t spelt ‘capitol’). The close of the last parliament sitting period saw quite some action with the Coalition reaching a

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Cyclone Debbie

How did our schools go during the March 28th Cyclone Debbie? In the immediate aftermath schools reported…

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NSW and Tasmania Shut Down Safe Schools Coalition Program

The NSW government has decided to replace the controversial Safe Schools Coalition (SSC) program with a new…

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Great Teachers More Important than Class Size

Class size is increasingly coming up in debates, particularly after John Hattie meta-study research found that class size didn’t have a great deal of…

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School Funding

There is not much to update about funding. Frustratingly, even though Minister Birmingham has said on a number of occasions that funding will be resolved with…

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What are the Statistics on SSM?

Daily Telegraph (March 29) journalist Miranda Devine has reported a slightly different ‘polling’ view on SSM, the commonly expressed view is that the overwhelming majority are…

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Would the Drinking Christians Just ‘Shut Up’

On occasion I have referenced Akos Balogh’s blog. Here he writes on the lessons from the Coopers Brewery firestorm (mid March). What follows is his…

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Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies Slams SSM Activists

Archbishop Davies writes a forceful opinion piece for The Australian (March 31) that is worth reading in full. Some of his richest…

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The Bible is the Mainstay of Western Life

After the ridiculous trouble involving Coopers, the SSM debate and the Bible Soc iety, the Bible Soc iety’s Greg Clarke wrote this opinion piece for The Australian (March 23) on the use and influence of the Bible in our soc iety. Worth a read.

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Can a Four-Year-Old be Se xist?

Leigh Sales dialogue with the PM on the 7:30 Report (April 20) refers to a comment from Barnaby Joyce about Judeo-Christian values to state that…

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Is Trans gender Ideology Compatible with Duty of Care?

Mark Makowiecki writes (March 28) in ON LINE opinion (ejournal of political debate) and questions the advice of a so-called expert gender…

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Advice on Trans genderism

A number of our schools are working through the issues that accompany a student who is grappling with gender…

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Can Kids Tell Other Kids About Jesus at School?

Astonishingly, the answer to the question posed here, recently provided by the Queensland Department of Educ ation and Training is, ‘no’. Neil Foster in his blog…

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Holding a Different View

After all the hullabaloo with Coopers Brewery and the Bible Soc iety, Julian Porteous, the Catholic Archbishop of Hobart, wrote…

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New Progressive Morality Rapidly Taking Over from Christian Beliefs

Another great article from the hand of Australian editor at large, Paul Kelly. As I read this I was asking why Christian schools are popular with parents who…

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Affordability, Demographics and Enrolment Patterns

An article for all Business Mangers and Principals. “Affordability is increasingly key in determining a child’s educ ation.” So writes journalist Stefanie Balogh in…

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Dismissal of a Board Member was Ruled Invalid

School Governance (April 20) ran a story on trouble in the Boardroom, relating to the behaviour of a Board member of a WA NGS, the disciplinary action of…

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Girls’ Educ ation and Bullying Prevention Booklet

Bullying. So not OK. encourages girls to take a stand against bullying and know what support is available. It covers what to do for direct victims of…

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Tree Climbing in the Northern Territory

The Northern Territory News (April 18) ran a story on a school encouraging students to get out doors and be kids…

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The Generation Raised on Self-Esteem is Struggling

Simon Smart from the Centre for Public Christianity writes in the Fairfax media (April 16), “The self-esteem movement has failed us. Maybe the Easter story can still…

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Screen Obsession: Saving Kids from Themselves

A new movie, Screenagers is getting community-organised screenings in Australia. Three years ago American fil mmaker Delaney Ruston started grappling with…

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Teach Your Children How to Live Online

Great article in Sydney Morning Herald and The Age (March 26). Highly recommended to read and address in your school newsletter. Some paragraphs…

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Adolescents and Alco hol

Fairfax writer Chloe Booker researches the question: “How do you approach a teenager who wants to drink alco hol? Let them have a glass at home European style or ban it completely?” She non-committal but opens up some very real issues. This would be a great issue to for a parent seminar.

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What Languages Should Children be Learning to Get Ahead?

A helpful article that looked at language teaching choice in schools came out of The Conversation (March 24). It researches the different issues schools might consider…

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Why do Schools Want all Students to Look the Same?

Amanda Mergler (QUT) writes a helpful piece in The Conversation (April 4) covering many of the present issues faced by schools regarding uniforms. The bulk of the article appears to…

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Is the Girls’ School Uniform Doomed?

Nikki Gemmell (Weekend Australian Magazine, Feb 4-5) thinks so and explains from her daughter’s viewpoint. The opening paragraph…

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How do we Learn to Read?

Another fine article by Misty Adoniou (University of Canberra academic) in The Conversation (April 18) on things we should know about reading. Phonics is one part and so are a “full repertoire of skills, each dependent upon the other”.

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Leave Those Kids Alone

Nikki Gemmell writes in the Weekend Australian Magazine (April 1) about parents needing to step back and letting their kids make mistakes…

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