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Welcome to the March eNews. The ‘freedoms’ debate continues and Bill Leak’s death has only sharpened the debate. We are hoping for some actual funding policy to emerge in the coming weeks. Don’t miss the SWD and NCCD summary. A wide array of other issues including ideas about mobile phones and challenges about ‘gender myths’.

And lastly there has been a lot of discussion around Christian schools about the best way to approach expressing our collective voice. After many years of trying to find a way forward, Christian Education Australia will begin from Jan 1, 2018 and AACS will head to the archives. See the first story.

Happy reading, Martin.


Short Update

The WA election sees another change of government as the ALP romps in on a landslide. We are awaiting news on who the new…

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Christian Schools ‘One Voice’

There has been a far bit happening behind the scenes for a number of years in an attempt to get all the various Christian schools organisations…

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AACS AGM – Sunday May 21

All AACS members are welcome to the AACS AGM whilst cruising the calm waters of Lake Burley Griffin…

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National Policy Forum – May 22 & 23

Christian Schools Australia (CSA) has released the main program for the National Policy Forum (NPF). There will some great speakers and…

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Christian Educ ation Symposium – Wednesday May 24

Dr Beth Green will expand on Redeeming Educ ation: Finding God’s purposes in the pursuit of educ ational excellence. Beth will explore questions such as: “where does the pursuit of excellence belong in a Christian institution of educ ation?” “How do we redeem the excellence conversation to reflect God’s priorities and can empirical research help us to think about educ ational excellence in different ways?”

Click here to register for the NPF and Symposium.

Senate Committee Report on SSM Draft Legislation

The Senate Committee Report was tabled in the Senate on Feb 15. The Committee examined the consequences for religious freedom of…

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18C Review Report

As mentioned previously the Christian school interest in this issue relates to the low level of proof needed for the lod ging of a complaint…

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Vale (Goodbye) Bill Leak

Many, many tributes have been paid to cartoonist, artist and writer Bill Leak who passed away on March 10. Also much rage and condemnation…

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Funding Update

Currently there is nothing startling new to update but we expect something next week. Christian schools have a meeting with Minister Birmingham on Monday…

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NCCD and SWD Funding

For a long time we have been waiting for the results from the NCCD. On Dec 20 the Council quietly released data from the 2015 set. It will be interesting to see…

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Using MySchool to Assess School Quality

The updated MySchool 2017 is now available. This includes the 2016 NAPLAN results, the 2016 school profile and population data, and 2015 school…

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Analysing the US election – John Howard

Fairfax media (March 4) reported pragmatic and low key analysis of the US election from ex-PM John Howard. Some worthy thoughts that remind me of…

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Barney on Donald

Also by way of some commentary on Trump, leadership, followership and respect, ex-Fairfax religious editor Barney Zwartz does some self-reflecting…

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Four Year Parliamentary Terms

Don’t you love it when a MP comes up with a wonderful idea and is bold enough to put it up as a Member’s Bill. Liberal MP David Coleman…

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Teachers Told to Dob in Fat Kids

The Daily Telegraph (March 8) reports that, “teachers are dobbing in fat students to welfare workers, under a new edict that classifies obesity as a “child protection issue”…

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Principals are Still Working Long Hours

A longitudinal study measuring the well-being of Australian principals has found that their health is suffering due to their high workload, that they are dealing with…

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Nothing Uniform About School Uniforms Now

Further to last month’s story on school uniforms, the Sydney Morning Herald (March 5) reports that schools are now not only offering male and female uniform options they are offering a variety of dress options so students and parents have a choice. Schools are also offering uniform options for students who practice a particular religion.

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Review of Regional Educ ation

The Australian Government has announced a review of regional educ ation to ‘address the gap of achievement, aspiration and access to higher…

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The ‘Christian’ School Effect

Cardus (North American Christian think tank) has been undertaking superb work in analysing the contribution that schools make to soc iety. Dr Beth Green will be leading…

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Are Parents to Blame?

School Governance (Feb 16) editor Craig D’cruz wrote an excellent piece on parents. He used a News Corp opinion piece ‘starter’ where Kylie Lang argued…

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New Website for Parents

The Christian schooling commitment to partnering with parents means we could only be supportive of a new initiative from the federal government. They have developed a new website…

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Left, Right or Christian?

Nils von Kalm writes in the Ethos (Centre for Christianity and Society) newsletter (March 5) about the problem of using the labels on the political left-right spectrum. He says we cannot…

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Should Principals have to ‘Double Sign’?

A storm has been brewing in Victorian schools regarding new Child Safety Declarations. The government is requiring school principals in all Victorian schools to sign…

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Saver Plus

Do you have families within your school community who are struggling with financial management and not meeting school costs? Here is an excellent partnership resource. The Saver Plus program…

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Gender Myths?

Bettina Arndt wrote a fascinating piece in The Australian (Jan 7) on new University of Queensland appointee American psychologist Roy Baumeister…

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Christians in a Hostile West

Akos Balogh writes a very good blog (See Your World through a Christian Lens) and recently undertook a wide ranging dialogue with former Deputy PM John Anderson…

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Mobile Phone Ban

A Perth Girls College has banned students from using mobile phones during recess and lunch breaks. The Principal said the use of mobile phones and technology had been a…

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Canadian School Mobile Detox Program

A cell phone detox is underway at Herring Cove Junior High School in Nova Scotia, with students leaving their phones at home for a week as part of a…

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Children Prefer to Read Books on Paper

The Conversation (March 10) ran a great article unpacking new research about a negative relationship between eReading devices and reading. It also…

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The Fad About Learning Styles Faded

The Guardian (March 13) reports on the lack of evidence-based support for the prominence of ‘learning styles’ in teaching…

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