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Christmas Greetings



Wishing you a tremendous break over the Christmas holidays and an opp0rtunity to celebrate again the wonderful gift of God with us – Jesus.

The AACS Team – Wendy and Martin

On a Personal Note

AACS Chairman Graeme Irwin has written to all AACS schools regarding my state of health, the news of which came as quite a shock back on Nov 13th. The short version is I have prostate cancer that’s moved on throughout my bone marrow. It’s a pity it wasn’t caught earlier. Presently I’m on hormone and radiati0n treatment and I’m feeling (most of the time) okay. We don’t really know much about the success of the treatment and we don’t have any specific information about the longer term. The AACS Council hooked-up last week and I’ve appreciated their support. We’re taking a ‘wait and see’ approach. Members of the Council and Bob Johnston are all available to fill in, in places that I mightn’t be able to cover.

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The ALP Victory in Victoria and its Implications for Christian Schools

The ALP has won government in Victoria at the November 29th election and is now likely to introduce the changes that they forecast in their Equal Opp0rtunity policy platform. This is the new political reality that Christian schools will need to face if the ALP is successful in legislating their policy – i.e. religious organisations needing to prove why faith is…

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Christopher Pyne – The Education Year in Overview

On Dec 4th the Minister released a Ministerial Statement (after delivering the same in the House). The speech was an overview of achievements in the education arena since…

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2015 Student Attendance Data Changes

Schools will have received a letter from the Federal Education Dept regarding changes to the annual data collected on student attendance after the recent COAG decision. This involves reporting twice yearly on enrolment and…

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My School Website – Review of 2013 School Financial Data

ACARA should have contacted schools informing them that their data is available for preview on the ACARA Principals’ Portal getting ready for publishing on the My School website in 2015. The data for review is the 2014 school commentary and the school address details. Schools can update this information at any …

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Explaining School Fees

It’s important to keep your community informed about fees and why the Board has chosen to set fees at a particular rate. The attached article from Mt Evelyn Christian School’s newsletter has Business Manager Gerry Beimers explaining this to his school community. It’s a pretty good prototype and you have…

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Australian Government Funding – 2015

Funding in 2015 will be very similar to that of the overall amounts received in 2014 plus 3% indexation (adjusted to student numbers). We know this because there are minimal changes expected to the model. Schools will not receive …

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Australian Curriculum & Christian Schools Resource Response

The Australian government response to the review has been publicized. Background papers addressing the 5 broad themes will be presented to the Education Council in December. The themes are…

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2014 Annual Information Statement – ACNC (Business Managers Note)

The 2014 Annual Information Statement report to the ACNC is not due for another 6 months. Those with a financial year of 1 July to 30 June are due to report by Dec 30th 2014. Because most schools have a Jan – Dec financial year our reporting deadline is June 30th 2015.

Australian Government Financial Accountability – (Business Managers Note)

There are new guidelines that relate to changes in the way Auditors access and sign off on the amounts of general recurrent funding that schools receive…

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2011–2014 Principal Health and Wellbeing Report

A new survey report from the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education at ACU indicates that Australian principals lack the support to deal with increased workloads, aggressive parents and vi0lent students. Based on a cross-sector survey of 3645 principals and AP’s from across the country the report found that principals experience vi0lence, threats of vi0lence and adu1t-to-adu1t bullying at a rate up to 7x higher than that of the general…

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The Right Way to use the School Credit Card

I’ve attached the following article, ‘141 fraudulent expense charges don’t justify dismissal’ from the Nov CompliSpace’s Newsletter. Even though the story is about an unfair dismissal ruling from the FairWork Commission, the main value for us relates to the use school credit cards when incurring school related expenses. This is a tricky area, but one where…

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Great Character

When I was involved in leading a school community I didn’t quite agree that the ‘Character First’ list should be front and centre as the way in which we might capture ‘why are we a Christian school?’ Whilst the list of characteristics were noble aspirations for staff and students, the problem of placing too considerable a focus on these would be to…

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Where has AACS been Representing you Recently – Nov

AACS have been busy representing you over the last month. Read more to see where I have been and don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like any more details about any of the meetings or submissions.

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