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The Nashville Statement

A group of American evangelicals recently released the Nashville Statement – a coalition for biblical sexuality. The statement takes a strident and strongly conservative stance.

While I would agree with many of the ‘affirm’ articles of the statement (they appear clear and faithful to my understanding of the Scriptures), I have a few reservations. My concerns are: Firstly, are the ‘fails’ necessary when the positive statement makes its point quite clearly. And secondly, from my understanding of genuine gender dysphoria, I don’t think it is fair or helpful to simplistically equate this to an individualistic approach of choice trans-genderism. Is it possible to affirm the very strong link between biological sex and gender without having to state absolutes and equate anything outside of that as sin? Can we leave some matters in the mysterious and ‘beyond our understanding’ category and simply engage with these people as lovingly and pastorally as possible?

The American Evangelical website Patheos has a current running commentary on the Nashville Statement. In this particular article (Sept 3) the author says, “The trouble with the Nashville Statement is that it is like poking an angry bear in the eye with a stick.”

Click here for the commentary.

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