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Status of Teaching: Inquiry

On 15 November, the Minister for Education, Hon Dan Tehan MP, asked the House of Representatives standing committee on Employment, Education and Training to look into the status of the teaching profession. Submissions are due by 21 December 2018.

The specific scope of the committee is to “consider opportunities to improve outcomes in a range of areas including:

  1. Increasing the attractiveness of the profession for teachers and principals, including workplace conditions, and career and leadership structures.
  2. Provision of appropriate support platforms for teachers including human and IT resources.
  3. Identifying ways in which the burden of out-of-hours, at-home work can be reduced.
  4. Investigating ways to increase retention rates for the teaching profession, and avoid ‘burn-out’ among early-career teachers.”

If you have any comment on any of these areas, please email us at

It would be particularly good to hear what the main causes of attrition are among your teachers and staff and what the main obstacles are to people progressing into school leadership.

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