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Introductory Comments

No doubt the Same Sex Marriage (SSM) debate has been happening within your school communities. How does the Christian school respond in this debate?

We would be well aware of many views across our communities. I suggest there are three main ones: (1) The firm traditional marriage ‘no’ vote – it is a propositional truth; (2)  A traditional view of marriage but, as it is likely to happen, let’s focus on ‘protecting the freedoms’ view – this later ‘freedoms’ argument is what is most pertinent to Christian schools; (3) Christians don’t need to defend marriage as a societal construct (it is already fairly broken). If a Christian believes certain things about marriage then let him or her uphold their own view. They should not expect others to also hold to that view.

We have prepared a short and simple statement that captures what is critical for Christian schools. A further range of relevant and interesting viewpoints are included under the statement.

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