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Short Updates

  • The High Court challenge to the SSM Postal Survey failed so the postal survey opened on 12 September and close on 7 November. You might have already received your survey forms.
  • Reformation 500th Anniversary – October 31, 2017. There are a wide array of resources out there for schools to tap into as they note the 500th anniversary of this most significant day in world history. A wonderful 9 minute summary of the reformation story has been prepared by Mount Evelyn Christian school teacher Nathan Hunter. This is worth watching and could be used by teachers involved in telling the story.

    Click here for video clip. 

  • The Education funding debate has moved on mainly to the key determinants of educational improvement – focusing on improving the teaching of the teacher.

    However some parts of the Catholic sector continue to argue their losses in terms of the funding model. In the lead up to the 2019 election, this might well become an issue if the ALP hold fast to their (so far) expressed view that they will reinstate the ‘weighted average SES’ approach, which would basically undo a lot of good policy work that has placed everyone on a level playing field, at least by 2027. Minister Birmingham said in response to the political threats, [the reforms ensured that after] “the 10-year transition, all schools and systems are treated in a consistent manner, phasing out decades of inconsistencies and special deals’’.

    Click here for the article.

  • An excellent quote from The Australian (Aug 31) editorial, “Local and international evidence-based research has long indicated that what matters most in improving schools results is quality teachers and teaching. Fourteen years ago the late Ken Rowe, then research director for the Australian Council for Educational Research, wrote: “Whereas students’ literacy skills, general academic achievements, attitudes, behaviours and experiences of schooling are influenced by their background … the magnitude of these effects pales into insignificance compared with class teacher effects. That is, the quality of teaching and learning provision are by far the most salient influences on students’ cognitive, affective and behavioural outcomes of schooling — regardless of their gender or backgrounds.”
  • Gonski Review to Improve Student Outcomes: The Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools, (Gonski 2.0) is now receiving public submissions. The Issues Paper will cover:
    – what students learn and how they learn
    – teachers and school leadership
    – parent and community engagement
    – defining and measuring success in education
    – identifying, sharing and driving good practice and continuous improvement.

    Submissions close on October 13, 2017 with the review panel set to report back by March 2018.

    Click here to view the issues paper, lodge a submission, or for more information on the Review.

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