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Rigour, Practice and Mentoring get the Best into Every Classroom

An excellent opinion piece accompanied the above story (The Australian, Aug 31). Some key paragraphs:

“An effective teacher understands where every child in a classroom is up to, where they need to go next, and how to get them there. Deeply understanding the content being taught is important, but is not enough.

“Not everyone is cut out to teach, which means the selection process needs to be more rigorous.
We must make sure that all graduates have the potential to go on to be great teachers.

“And we know that, in order for graduates to be given the best chance of being great teachers, they must work in schools that support them to teach well….Teachers need time to observe, learn from and get feedback from other teachers.

“They also need access to the expertise of other teachers proven to have had a positive effect on students, such as teachers who are certified “highly accomplished” or “lead”.

This way our best teachers can be rewarded with improved status, and we build strong, clear career paths that support our best teachers to have the greatest impact on teaching and learning in schools.”

Click here for the full article.

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