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Xmas Card OK, But Don’t Mention Jesus

Over recent years we have seen numerous examples of assertive secularism placing new restrictions on what Christians and Christian programs are allowed to do.

A comment piece from the Sydney Morning Herald (July 31) captures this sentiment, “Many parents reasonably object that, in NSW, an untold number – possibly in the hundreds of thousands – are compulsorily idle for at least half an hour each week while their peers attend Special Religious Education classes. When in more than 50 per cent of schools more than half of students do not list a religion on their enrolment forms, it’s time for the state to follow Victoria’s lead and make SRE an elective to be taken out of school hours.”

Another example comes from the Queensland school yard. After a set of reviews of religious education in Queensland public schools, new guidelines emerged that caused confusion and some policy ‘back-flips’ by the state minister.

The arguments put up by some is that religious instruction, or its impact on children, can adversely impact on the ability of schools to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for students. It is hard not see this as the ‘playground thought police’.

We are thankful for The Australian journalist Rebecca Urban who ran a set of stories (late July – early August) exposing the new edicts, consequences and confusion it all caused.

In the August 11 article Urban says, “A controversial education departmental edict, suggesting that schools would be required to take action against students found to be “evangelising” to their peers, has been scrapped following a backlash from religious groups and parents. The department has instead turned its focus to students “recruiting” at school, a move that has left religious groups and their lawyers confused over the Queensland government’s official policy towards religious -instruction in public schools.”

Click here for that full story.

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