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Melton Christian College – A Sikh Turban

Melton Christian College found itself in many headlines regarding parents requesting that their child wear a Sikh turban at school. The hearing before the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal has been heard and they await a decision. On July 31, Principal Dave Gleeson wrote to the Melton school community:

“Dear Parents and other Members of the College Community,

As you may have seen in the news and other media last week, our College has been challenged at VCAT in relation to the uniform policy. I am writing to clarify why we have maintained respectful silence on the matter. The VCAT hearing is over so we now await the finding. As a College, we respect VCAT and its processes, which is why it was appropriate through the hearing that we made no public comment.”

Click here for the full letter.

Here are some key media stories on this situation.

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