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Melbourne Declaration Revision

AACS made a short-form submission on the updated draft of the Melbourne Declaration to feed into the final draft to be presented to COAG ED Council in December.

Please see below:

The Declaration should explicitly support the presence of a wide range of educational philosophies to foster freedom of thought and belief, meet student needs and respect parental leadership, values and choice in choosing the best education for their family. The Declaration should also identify an overall purpose for education (i.e. to develop good and self-sustaining citizens) and should include clear overarching principles of what a quality education imparts, for example:

  • The ability to think critically, conceptually and reflectively
  • Factual content knowledge to enable well-informed opinions to be developed and to make critical analysis possible
  • Curiosity and the tools for engaging intellectually with a topic
  • Well-honed communication skills in writing, speaking and listening
  • An appreciation of art and culture
  • The ability to formulate an argument and coherently debate an issue
  • Personal ethical standards
  • Research, information gathering and discernment skills
  • The ability to solve problems with consideration of a wide range of factors
  • The ability to work together in a team and be respectful of others
  • Tools to self-regulate one’s behaviour when engaging in difficult tasks


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