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Losing Male Primary Teachers

Vaughan Cruickshank writing in The Conversation (Aug 8) asks why Primary schools are losing more and more male teachers and how can we retain them? He says:

“The percentage of male primary school teachers in Australia has decreased in recent decades, from 30.24% in 1983 to 18.26% in 2016. Education authorities have responded to this with recruitment-focused initiatives, such as scholarships and quota systems. But the continuing decline suggests more attention needs to be given to retaining those already in the profession.

“Why the decline? Men often leave teaching because of the gender-related challenges they face. My Ph.D research has found the biggest challenges male primary school teachers face are: uncertainty about physical contact with students; an increased workload due to expectations to take on masculine roles; and social isolation caused by difficulties in developing positive professional relationships with colleagues.”

The author goes on to suggest factors that could be considered if more men are to be retained in primary teaching.

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