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Girls Win the Right to Wear Shorts and Trousers in Victorian State Schools

Girls’ uniforms has become a hot topic in a number of jurisdictions as a more gender-neutral approach gains ascendancy. 

The Age (12 Sept) wrote about girls winning “the right to wear shorts and pants at every Victorian state school.”

“In a victory for parents who have long complained about girls being forced to wear restrictive dresses and skirts, Education Minister James Merlino has vowed to ensure all girls have the option of wearing shorts or trousers.

“Momentum has been growing across Australia for schools to ditch uniforms that discriminate against girls and limit their movement.

“Pants and trousers are less common options for girls in non-government schools. The Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia – whose members are mostly non-government schools – has noticed an increase in schools creating more flexible uniforms.

“The trend to include shorts and pants as uniform options for girls may be part of a school’s broader gender-neutral approach,” the organisation’s executive officer Loren Bridge said.”

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