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Funding Update

  • The SES data review (every 5 years)should be completed soon with the data being released October/November. My assumption is that it will inform 2018 funding. As expressed in a more detailed update (July newsletter) a 1 point change for a school of 1000 students would generally result in a change of $200-$250K which is significant. The challenge here for the Minister’s office is that, with so many other variables affecting funding (changed transitionary frameworks and new SWD arrangements), would this cause any significant adjustment problems?
  • 2017 Census Data will determine January and July 2018 payments. 2018 Census data will result in a ‘supplementation’ (remember that old Christmas present) adjustment in the October/November 2018 payment.
  • I am assuming that the ‘Estimator’ will come back on line once the Department has factored in all the new formulae (from the changed Gonski 2.0 legislation), entered in 2017 Census data (enrolment and NCCD) and the reviewed SES data. Questions about this have not been answered to date.
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