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Call for Summer ‘Brains Trust’

Are you a principal, board member, student, staff member, parent or alumni with a knack for words? Have you got time this summer to pen from a paragraph to half a page of your thoughts about your school experience?

AACS would love to read your reflections and stories as it will help us provide examples in our face-to-face advocacy and submissions of real stories from Christian school communities. Some topics to aid your thinking are:

  • Overcoming specific challenges
  • Collective pearls of wisdom
  • Teamwork
  • Local community involvement
  • Something that happened that made you proud of your school
  • Why do you love your school?
  • What challenges did you overcome with the help of your school community?
  • Someone you looked up to and why?
  • What was it like starting a school from scratch? Why and how did you do it?
  • How have you lovingly dealt with students and families who are facing challenges?
  • What is your vision for your school community?
  • Why did you choose to send your child to a Christian school?
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