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At a recent AACS workshop at Cattai, NSW, Principals and Board chairs practised addressing their school communities on the matter of religious freedom and how challenges to employing Christian staff would impact their school. A Board Chair shared the following dot points with us and they are a concise summary that you may wish to tailor for your community and staff should you want to.

Skeleton Address to Association Meeting

What?:  Our school exists to build character in children, rooted in God’s Word, and to point them to Christ.

So What?: Without Religious Freedom, specifically to employ our staff, we cannot do this:

  • Teachers could no longer discipline with grace and gospel;
  • The curriculum no longer points to God in every element;
  • ‘Religion’ becomes an add-on, an optional extra feature;

 Then what?: If this happens, and our staff are no longer all Christians who share our beliefs, then:

  • We become hypocrites, segmenting faith from life;
  • We lose character building;
  • We lose teachers as role models;
  • We stop being a community of shared values;
  • In the end, we become no different. 
  • Our mission is failed.
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