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This archive began in March 2013. Click here to request access to previous newsletters.

2019 06 June

Welcome| Thanks Neil David| Reaching out to representatives| Are you an approved system authority? You may be without realising it| Australian Law Reform Commission Request| ‘Advancing an Agenda to Protect Freedom of Religion and Belief’ – Institute for Civil Society| Victoria signs up to school funding agreement| Birth certificates and gender| Israel Folau and what his case means for faith-based schools| FAQ: The political climate and your school

2019 05 May

Human Resources Outlook
Election Questionnaires
Who said what?
ALRC Referral
ACT Discrimination Act Changes
TAS Discrimination Act Changes
Distance Education Funding
‘Overcoming the odds’

2019 04 April

Federal Budget and Budget-in-reply schools summary|
AACS AGM – 19 May 2019|
New AACS schools|
Call for student and teacher profiles|
Announcement of new annual AACS essay and poetry competitions|
Religious freedom for schools – current status|
AACS and the May Federal election|
School funding update|
School copyright fees update|
Royal Commission redress scheme update|
ACT Chaplains ban|
Victorian Chaplains legal settlement|
2018 Report into Principal Occupational Health and Safety|
Announcement: Civics and Citizenship teaching resources|
Announcement: $40,000 bursaries for bonded public school teachers|
Excessive LANTITE re-sits|
New AITSL CEO appointed|
Advice for school associations transitioning to CLGs|

2019 02 February

Senate Inquiry | Productivity Report | School Chaplains | SES Model | Closing the Gap

2019 01 January

Religious Freedom | SDA | Trainee Teachers | Policy Forum | STEM scholarships | Campaigns | Gender

2018 12 December

Religious Freedom | Parliament sitting calendar | Funding – Commonwealth and States | Status of Teaching | Melbourne Declaration | Red Tape

2018 11 November

National Day of Prayer | Senate Inquiry into Discrimination in schools | Tasmania Gender laws | ACT legisations | ABC report on education funding | NSRB disability review |

2018 09 September

New PM | Commonwealth funding (again) | ACNC | Teacher registration | PISA | Religion in Public Schools | Ruddock Review | Compliance | Spirituality Gen Z | Christian PM | Royal Commission

2018 08 August

School Funding continues | SES | Trinity Western | NAPLAN online | Data breaches | Teens and Higher ed | HILDA | Phonics | USA | University of Newcastle | RE in QLD | Hastie article

2018 07 July

Freedom of employment | SES Methodology | Red Tape | NAPLAN | Frog and Fish | God is Good For You

2018 06 June

AACS Board update | SES Review | Ruddock Review update | Trinity Western Supreme Court Case | Educational Excellence and Gonksi 2.0 | Economic Impact of Religion | Job Gap | John Anderson

2018 04 April

Welcome | SHORT UPDATES | LONG UPDATES | New Leadership for AACS | AACS Annual General Meeting – May 20 | National Policy Forum 2018 Update | Chaplaincy | Catholic Schools Aren’t All the Same and Gonski 2.0 Reflects This | I Know the Real Source of Our Classroom Rot | The Phonics Check | Is the ATAR ‘Everything’? | Criticising NAPLAN | Why Migrant Kids do Better? | Schools Need to Educate, not Just Train | Risky Playgrounds Build Resilient Children According to Educators in New Zealand | New Leadership at Australian Christian Lobby | ADVICE | NCCD Data and School Census | Changes in 2018 | School Boards: Accountability, Governance and the School Community | What is the Christian School Impact? | Great Research Insights from Beth Green and Trevor Cooling | When Religious Freedom and LGBTI Rights Intersect | How to Play as the ‘Away’ Team Before a Hostile Crowd | The Role of Online Information Sources in Parental Decision-Making About Schools | Joy and Data
A Broad, Interdisciplinary, Innovative Approach to Teaching Science | Online Safety | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | How to Make the Most of Reading to Your Children | Victorian Principal Rebels Against School System and Gets Results | An Interesting Alternative Approach to Teacher Training | Why the Australian Christian Right has Weak Political Appeal |

2018 03 March

Welcome | SHORT UPDATES | LONG UPDATES | The Bible – a Part of the National Curriculum? | ALP’s Catholic Schools $250m Promise | ALP’s $250m Promise to Catholic Schools Reveals a Funding Horror Story | ALP Victory Fuelled by Catholic Education Backing | Review of SES Model | Contrasting Responses to the Usefulness of NAPLAN | Will School Chaplaincy Continue? | Blueprint to Ditch School Reports and Age as Yardstick for Teaching | Noise Levels Dialled Up as School’s Total Phone Ban Gets Kids Talking | Serving in an Over seas Schools for a Short Term Placement | ADVICE | Helpful Internet Filtering Resources | Why I Send My Child to a Christian School | We Need to Support More Men to Become Primary Teachers | Enjoyment of Reading, Not Mechanics of Reading, Can Improve Literacy for Boys | The Need to Love Your Body | Play-Based Learning at Early Years | Principal Welfare | How to Help Teenagers Navigate Our Secular Culture | The Creational Goodness of Sports and Competition | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | How Can We Get Along Better? | The Long Break | How Christianity has Actually Shaped Our Values?

2018 02 February

Welcome | Short Updates | Long Updates | An Overview of the Political – Education Landscape in 2018 | 2018 Demographic and Fee Changes | Spat Over Funding | SES Review | Ruddock Expert Panel on Religious Freedom | Other | Ruddock Review Submissions | Religious Freedom Implications of SSM in Australia | Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Review | Closing the Gap | Indigenous Boarding Schools Under Threat | Year 1 Phonic Screening | Civics and Citizenship – Emerging Trends for Australian Students | PISA Results Challenged by Questions Over Student Motivation | Report on Government Services (ROGS) – Schools Economic and Demographic Trends in Regional Australia | The Commonwealth’s Role in Improving Schools | The Royal Commission Report | The Royal Commission Report – What Does it Mean for Schools? | Child Safe Organisations – National Principles | Mobile Phones in the Classroom | 2018 International Student Survey | ADVICE | Cardus Canada – Christian Schools Have a Positive Influence | Speeches on Religious Freedom | ‘Too much control’: What Finland can Teach Australian Schools | Year 13 | Teachers Who Feel Appreciated are Less Likely to Leave the Profession | The 12 Rules of Advocacy | The Australian Institute of Family Studies Research Report | The Best of Circle | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | Four Secular Myths About Religion | How To Survive The Moral Revolution: What You Should Know? | Classroom Design Should Follow Evidence, Not Architectural Fads | Primary School Principal Wants Parents to Let Their Kids Off the Leash | The First Fleet |

2017 12 December

Update on CEA and the New AACS Organisation | Financial Questionnaire Changes – Business Managers Please Note | Provisional Entitlement Notices and the School Funding Estimator for 2018 | Students With Disability Funding | South Australian Funding for 2018 is Now Sorted | Same Se x Marriage and its Implications | Religious Freedom Amendments and Protection | Are There Limits for Religious Freedom? | Same Se x Marriage – the Vote is in. What next? | How to Talk to Your Children About Marriage Equality | Western Australia and Religious Freedom Exemptions | Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Review | Exemptions Comparisons Around the States and Territories | Catholic Campaign Against Gonski 2.0 | PISA Assessing How Students Work in Teams | ADVICE | Advice for Christian Schools on Christian Employment | The Pros and Cons of Standardised Testing | How to Improve School Education in Australia | Fix the Early Learning Flaws Before it’s too Late | Your ATAR is not a Measure of You | Advice Regarding Transgender Students | Gender Ideology Harms Children | Separated Parents and Conflict | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | Is the Push for Secular Supremacy Well Founded? | Identity Politics or Western Civilisation – History Teaching |

2017 11 November

Welcome | UPDATE | Short Updates | Long Updates | SWD Funding has Significant Impact – For Business Managers | Same Sex Marriage Survey | Strong Support for Protections | The Liberal Party: a Case of False Promises? | WA Government Seeks Legal Advice on Right to Discriminate | UK ‘Inspection’ Backflip | A Catholic Campaign to Undo Gonski 2.0 | AACS Submission to the Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools Review | Other Submissions to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools Review | National School Resourcing Board | Reports on VET Shows Need for Government’s Career Education Strategy | ADVICE | Liberalism Built on Christian Principles is Lost on Modern Elites | Discriminating Against Students with Disabilities | School Discrimination Against Students with Disability ‘Widespread’ | Enriched By Difference | Simplistic Advice for Teachers on How to Teach Won’t Work | Support for Standardised Tests Boils Down to Beliefs About who Benefits From It | Demand for People Skills is Growing Faster Than Demand for STEM Skills | Education and Care Services National Law Changes Commence – Early Childhood | The Ten Commandments of Good Governance | ‘School Climate’ Linked to Bullying and Delinquency | What Our School Principals Need to Help Them Lead, and it’s not an MBA | ReThink Orphanages – Voluntourism and Orphanage Tourism | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | The God Question: Listen to Your Inner Voice | A Reflection on Relativism | ‘I’m No Right-Wing Warrior’ – Senator Lucy Gichuhi | Is Hostility Towards Christians Increasing? | Is It Wrong to Try to Persuade Others to Change Their Beliefs? | Finding a Moral Compass in Challenging Times | Freedom Not to Choose is a Faith Worth Believing in | The Legacies of the Reformation | The Reformation: Five Ways it Changed Our World | Reformation 500: Top 10 Articles |

2017 10 October

Welcome | UPDATE | Short Updates | Long Updates |
Proposed Changes to Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Laws | Closure of Woolaning Homeland Christian College | Grade 1 Tests | A Discrimination Case and Melton Christian College | What are the Implications of This Ruling for Schools? | Controversy Over Students With Disability Funding | SSM Survey | SSM Debate Must Produce a Bill for Religious Freedom | After the Honeymoon What are the Consequences of Gay Marriage | Will SSM Prompt Support for the Safe Schools Gender Fluidity Agenda? | The Need for Religious Freedoms Protection | Marriage – Can it be Same Sex? And Does it Matter? | Tracking Australian Educational Outcomes | OECD Education at a Glance 2017 | Review to Achieve Excellence in Australian Schools | ADVICE | Talking to Children About Marriage Equality | OECD Expert Criticises Australia’s Push for Smaller Class Sizes | Male Teachers Extinct | Did You Know That October is WorkSafe Health and Safety Month? | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | Decoration or Distraction – Learning Matters | For God and Country
Sin City Provides More Proof of Evil Among Us | To Change the World |

2017 09 September

Welcome | UPDATE | Short Updates | Next Equal Opportunity ‘Cab Off the Ranks’ – NT | The New ‘Safeguards’ Legislation | Some Notes on the SSM debate | How To Speak Well When Engaging with the SSM Debate | This is Not About the Postal Vote | Yes to SSM and to Religious Freedom | Human Rights and Freedoms are for all Australians | Is SSM only about SSM? | Howard Weighs Into the Debate | Religious Freedom at Risk |Religious Freedom Must be Protected Says Liberal Senator | Deception on Freedom of Religion | Can We Still Have Our Own Opinions on SSM? | The Nashville Statement | Girls Win the Right to Wear Shorts and Trousers in Victorian State Schools | Perth Girl Wins Campaign for all Students to be Able to Wear Shorts | Parents Sue Christian School Over Boy Permitted to Wear a Dress | Prove Teaching Skills in Classroom or Fail Course | Rigour, Practice and Mentoring get the Best into Every Classroom | ADVICE | We Don’t Stop Praying for our State and its Flourishing | How a Man Named Lesslie Changed the Way I Think | What Parents Look for in Christian Schools | Proportion of Male Teachers Drops | Disability and Discrimination | For Long-term Improvements Schools Need to Slow Down | Religion and Politics in Australia |I Love a Sun-Smart Country | Orphanage Tourism | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | Is God Dead? | For Australian Students Academic Potential Still Outweighs Social Circumstances | Research Shows the Importance of Parents Reading With Children Even After They Can Read | The Christian Influence Within the National Parliament |

2017 08 August

Welcome | Short Updates | SSM DEBATE | Introductory Comments | AACS Statement on SSM Debate | Frank Brennan Will Vote ‘Yes’ but He Still Wants to Protect Religious Freedom | The Clash of Rights | Those Lobbying for the ‘No’ Vote | Our Manner Toward this Debate | The Need to be Politically Involved | Should You Vote? | GENERAL UPDATE | NAPLAN Results and 10th Anniversary | The Worth of NAPLAN | Eight Principles for Reversing Out Classroom Decline | Funding Update | A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Gonski 2.0 | Melton Christian College – A Sikh Turban | Xmas Card OK, But Don’t Mention Jesus | Primary School Children Displaying Worrying Behaviour | ADVICE | How do You Deal with Parents Who Will Not Pay School Fees? | Losing Male Primary Teachers |

2017 07 July

Welcome to eNews | Updates | Short Updates | AACS and Christian Education Australia (CEA) | Teaching and Learning Leadership (TALL) Conference | Gonski 2.0 | Gonski 2.0 – DET Update | Gonski 2.0 – Calculating School Funding | Gonski 2.0 – SWD Funding Calculations | Gonski 2.0 – Some Summary Details | Gonski 2.0 – States Providing Their Share | Gonski 2.0 – The ALP Response | Religion Should Make no Difference to School Funding | Taking on Greg Sheridan Regarding Gonski 2.0 | It’s Not Just About the Money | 2016 Census Data | 2016 Census Data – The Religion Question | Census – The ‘Religions’ Overview | Australia’s Rising Atheism | Christian Ideas That Undergird Our Western Democracies | The Anti-Religious Attack on Faith and Freedom | Religious School Fails Inspection | Is it Discriminatory to Have ‘God’ in Your School Creed? | Teachers Considering Quitting | Bullying Programs Leaving Parents Out | ADVICE | Blessed be the Egoistic Individuals | A Christian Response to Identity Politics | Social Media – Are Your Policies Good Enough? | The School Curriculum: About Time | Great Book for Graduating Students | Religious Freedom in Australia Overview | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | The Uniform Swap Saga | Hanson Comments on Students with Autism | Why it Matters to Transform Parent Involvement From Early Childhood to Primary School |

2017 06 June

Welcome | UPDATE | Big Late News | Short Updates | Funding: The State of Play | Funding: The Arguments | Thank You for Your Lobbying Efforts | What are the Consequences if the Bill Doesn’t Pass? | Other Proposed Changes in the Bill | AACS Gets a Fair Bit of Media Play | The Best Articles on Gonski 2.0 | Senate Inquiry into Gonski 2.0 | Understanding Gonski 2.0 | The Funding Model Summary | 50 years Since Recurrent Funding Started in Victoria | Harm Done | Mum Wins Fight for Daughter’s Right to Wear Pants | Who’s Wearing the Pants? School Uniforms: The Issue that Keeps on Giving | 13 Reasons Why | The Other View – 13 Reasons | Perth Father Loses Legal Battle to Remove ‘God’ from School Creed | Senate Inquiry into School to Work Transition | Minister Birmingham on Parental Engagement | Perth College Bans Mobile Phones from the Schoolyard | The Distortions of NAPLAN | ADVICE | The Effectiveness of Christian Schooling – Cardus 2016 Survey | Religious Freedom Paper | NCCD on School Students with Disability | School Choice Research | Monitoring Computers and When to Report | Faith and Belief in Australia Research | How an Australian School Solved the Homework Problem | Homework in the Primary School Years | External Leasing Duty of Care | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | The Role of Religion and its Overlap with Cultural Conservatism | Is Australia a Christian nation? |Why Australian Culture is Fracturing at a Staggering Rate | Australia’s Teachers Fail: Half Quit the Classroom in Five Years | Why do Adults Think Video Games are Bad? | Lunchbox Policing | Six Ways to Improve Meal Times with Your Children | Words You Get Wrong | Anti-Poverty Week | Time to Ditch the Fundraising Chocolate | Princess BF Syndrome |

2017 05 May

Welcome | UPDATES | Short Updates | Long Updates |Gonski 2.0 – The Politics | Your Guide to Understanding Gonski 2.0 | Worthwhile Articles About Funding | Senate Inquiry | Budget Overview | Vouchers and Charter Schools and Gonski Funding of Disadvantage | ADVICE | Faith and Belief Report | Letter to a Young Philosopher | ACER Conferences | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | The Future of Australian Values and ANZAC | Is ANZAC Australia’s Secular Religion? | Meet Julia |

2017 04 April

Welcome | UPDATE | Short Updates | National Policy Forum – May 22-24, 2017 | AACS AGM | CEA | Parliamentary Snapshot | Cyclone Debbie | NSW and Tasmania Shut Down Safe Schools Coalition Program | Great Teachers More Important than Class Size | School Funding | What are the Statistics on SSM? | Would the Drinking Christians Just ‘Shut Up’ | Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies Slams SSM Activists | ADVICE | The Bible is the Mainstay of Western Life | Can a Four-Year-Old be Sexist? | Is Trans gender Ideology Compatible with Duty of Care? | Advice on Trans genderism | Can Kids Tell Other Kids About Jesus at School? | Holding a Different View | New Progressive Morality Rapidly Taking Over from Christian Beliefs | Affordability, Demographics and Enrolment Patterns | Dismissal of a Board Member was Ruled Invalid | Girls’ Educ ation and Bullying Prevention Booklet | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | Tree Climbing in the Northern Territory | The Generation Raised on Self-Esteem is Struggling | Screen Obsession: Saving Kids from Themselves | Teach Your Children How to Live Online | Adolescents and Alcohol | What Languages Should Children be Learning to Get Ahead? | Why do Schools Want all Students to Look the Same? | Is the Girls’ School Uniform Doomed? | How do we Learn to Read?
Leave Those Kids Alone |

2017 03 March

Welcome | UPDATE | Short Update | Christian Schools ‘One Voice’ | AACS AGM – Sunday May 21 | National Policy Forum – May 22 & 23 | Christian Education Symposium – Wednesday May 24 | Senate Committee Report on SSM Draft Legislation | 18C Review Report | Vale (Goodbye) Bill Leak | Funding Update | NCCD and SWD Funding | Using MySchool to Assess School Quality | Analysing the US election – John Howard | Barney on Donald | Four Year Parliamentary Terms | Teachers Told to Dob in Fat Kids | Principals are Still Working Long Hours | Nothing Uniform About School Uniforms Now | Review of Regional Education | ADVICE | The ‘Christian’ School Effect | Are Parents to Blame? | New Website for Parents | Left, Right or Christian? | Should Principals have to ‘Double Sign’? | Saver Plus | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | Gender Myths? | Christians in a Hostile West | Mobile Phone Ban | Canadian School Mobile Detox Program | Children Prefer to Read Books on Paper | The Fad About Learning Styles Faded |

2017 02 February

Welcome Back | UPDATE | Short Updates | Seismic Political Shifts and the Boom of Right-Wing Populism | How will the Australian Conservatives Go? | The Catholic Church Under the Spotlight – The Royal Commission | Marriage Bill and Religious Freedom | Review Into 18C – The Racial Discrimination Act | Charity Status and Political Involvement | Year 1 Phonics and Numeracy Tests | A Sikh Turban – Can School Boards Maintain their Uniform Policies? | Does Gender Politics Mean Uniforms are Under Review? | Gender Theory Banned in Class | Safe Schools Coalition Update | Keeping Australia Day on January 26? | Funding Update | The Christian School Voice on Funding | Continuing Claims of an Uneven Playing Field | What is the Real Cost? | Grattan Report – Student Disengagement | Finland is Getting Rid of School Subjects | Parents and the Home are the Key ‘Shapers’ | Indigenous Boarding Schools and ‘Closing the Gap’ | ADVICE | The Rejection of Identity Politics | Registration Troubles in Hobart | Here’s Why Non-Government Schools Work Better | Educating Australia Series | Best of School Governance 2016 | Yard Duty | Schools Connected to Churches and Charity Status | Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission Tick? | National Institute | Does Your School Have a Fundraising Policy? | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | Things You Were Taught at School That Are Wrong | Has 2016 punched truth in the face? | The Trump ‘Apocalypse’ |

2016 12 December

Welcome to December eNews and Christmas Greetings | UPDATE | Short Update | Funding Update – State Disparities, Grattan & Wages | Christian Schools Write to the Minister on Funding | Victorian Equal Opportunity Amendment (Religious Exceptions) Bill Defeated | Changes to Victorian Birth Certificates | Gender Dysphoria and Gender Confusion | 18C – Freedom of Speech Inquiry | Commentary on ‘Australia Failing’ in International Studies | Australian Schools Continue to Fall in Maths and Science – TIMSS Study | Stop Blaming Teachers for Falling Results | Latest PISA Results Are Out | If ‘Australia’s Students are Failing. I Blame the Politicians’ | Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage: Key Indicators 2016 | AITSL Annual Report 2016 \ ADVICE | Catholic Schools Completing Checks on Volunteer Parents | The Relationship Between the Business Manager, Principal and Board | The Role of the Deputy Principal | Performance Management & Redundancies: Traps and Pitfalls | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | Study Finds That Strict Classroom Discipline Improves Student Outcomes and Work Ethic | Senate Report – Harm on Young People | Should We do Away with Exams Altogether? | What to Say if Your Child Asks, ‘What’s the Point of Maths?’ |

2016 11 November

Welcome | UPDATE | Short Updates | An Equal Opportunity Update – It is all Happening in Victoria | What is so Erastian about Daniel Andrews? | Section 18C – Racial Discrimination Act | Marriage Plebiscite Defeated | Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission | NAPLAN Update | ADVICE | Funding Back on the Agenda | Students with Disabilities Funding Update | Christian Schools Response to Funding Debate | Funding and Budgets | Overfunded Schools | Myths, Media and School Funding | NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli Slams Report | The Latest Cardus Study | Cardus Study Findings | Is Freedom of Religion an Individual Right or is it More Communal? | The Length of Pre-school | Priv acy Update | Student Wellbeing Hub | The Relationship Between Principal and Business Manager | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | The US Election – A Shock Result | Leadership in an Angry and Divided Nation | Parents’ Choices of Primary Schools | The Controversy Over the Safe Schools Program – Finding the Sensible Centre | What Christian Bale Could Teach Us About The “Safe Schools” Program? | Playground Duty: 10 Years Since the St Mark’s Case | School Staff Workload Study | Fairfax Offer | Male Teacher Crisis: How can We Encourage More Men to Join the Profession? | Muck Up Day | Weasel Words | Spanish Parents Urged to Put Children on Weekend Homework Strike |

2016 10 October

Due to unforeseen circumstances there was no October eNews. Apologies for any inconvenience.

2016 09 September

Welcome | UPDATE | Short Updates | Funding Update – Long Term Budgeting | A New Battle Looming Over Funding | The Marriage Plebiscite | Has 18C of the Federal Radical Discrimination Act Gone too far? | Why is it so Hard to go up Against the PCC? | FFF Melbourne Conference – September 23 | The Victorian E O Debate | The Institute for Civil Society | Heathdale Christian College | Religious Instruction – Queensland Update | Who Gets What? The Long and the Short of it – Senate Seats | Gender Dysphoria (GD) | VET Data Review | New Educ ation Authority in NSW Replaces BOSTES | ADVICE | Hope, Engagement and Well-being Linked to Students’ Future Success | How does your School Deal with ‘Problematic’ Parents? | Schools Responding to Harm Being Done to Australian Children | Damaging our Children’s Future | What will School Education Look like by 2020? | Raising the Status of Teaching | Australians Together – Indigenous and Non-Indigenous People Working Together | Ten Key Elements for Child Safe Organisations Nation-Wide | Father-Friendly Parenting Program Launches | Want to Improve NAPLAN Scores? Teach Children Philosophy | NAPLAN Online Position Paper – APPA | Has Spending Gone up While Student Achievement has Stalled or Declined? | Supporting Students with Autism in the Classroom: What Teachers Need to Know | Doctors in Schools – What are the Boundaries? | OTHER INTERESTING NEWS | Talented Teachers Crushed by Administrivia | Fearing Men in Schools will do More Harm than Good | Students are not Hard-Wired to Learn in Different Ways | The Problem of ‘All-or-Nothing’ Re-engineering | Does Homework Work for You? | Top 10 Findings on Teens and the Bible | Bring Back Risky Play |

2016 08 August

Welcome | UPDATE | Short Updates | The Confirmed 2016 Election Result | What Does the Election Result Mean for School Funding? | AACS Advocacy and the New Federal Education Leadership | Education Council Meeting | Students with Disabilities Census and Funding | The National Census and the Religion Question | eSafety Commissioner | 2016 NAPLAN Results are not Good Enough | The NAPLAN Trap | Our Failing Schools. Enough is Enough! | Freedom for Faith One Day Conferences | National Policy Forum 2016 Presentations | What Does Safe Schools Coalition Teach About Gender? | ADVICE | LGBTI Discrimination and the Implications for Victorian Christian Schools | How Should the Plebiscite on Marriage be Designed? | New Victorian Child Safe Standards and Other States Requirements | Disability Discrimination: What are Reasonable Adjustments? | What is Shaping Our Young People’s Understanding of S ex? | Conflicts of Interest in Schools: How do you Manage Them? | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | The Shaping Influence of Christianity | Reimaging School Design |
Reimagining NSW: How Good Governance Strengthens Democracy | DIDUNO and Father’s Day and the Christian Connection | Canadian University Religious Liberty |

2016 07 July

Welcome | UPDATE | Short Updates | What are the Implications of the Election for Christian Schools? | Prayers for our Government | Election Analysis | What we have Learnt from the Election? | Freedom for Faith One Day Conferences | Christian Schools National Business Conference | Anti-Discrimination Legislation – Victorian Update | Is There a New Australian Conservative Movement Starting? | Manner of the Plebiscite Debate | Establishing a Religion – Section 116 in the Constitution | Swedish Minister Argues that Discussion is Needed – Banning Religious Schools | ADVICE | Great Speech – John Gorton | Recruitment and Avoiding an Adverse Action Claim | School Fined Following Illegal Use of Fixed-Term Contracts for Teachers | Did Gonski get it Right? School Funding and Performance | Celebrating Diversity | Dawkins – An Unexpected Defender | Final Instalment of John Collier’s Study | The Duty to Cooperate, Consult and Coordinate: Work, Health and Safety and Off-Campus Activities | 2016 Pay Guides | Queensland New Guidelines for Teachers, Students and Social Media | Robots Writing Reports? | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | Schools Grapple with the New Divide: Screentime or Textbooks | One in Five Early Childhood Educators Plan to Leave the Profession | The Dangers of Party Discipline | Home Schooling Numbers on the Rise | Marriage Redefinition Resource | Alternative Girls Magazine – Bella Rae | Anti-Poverty Week | Insights of a Former School Principal | The Political World is Changing | Exercise Boosts Kids Brain Power |

2016 06 June

Welcome | UPDATE | Short Updates | AACS – Election Advocacy | Don’t Cross the Line | AACS – The Election Campaign | Also Chaplaincy and Safe Schools Coalition | Responding to the Safe Schools Coalition | Religion Lessons ‘Not for Activists’ | Greens Make Religious Liberty an Issue | Exemptions in Discrimination Laws | Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) Informing SWD Funding | Possible Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act Review | Queensland Review of Religious Education | ADVICE | Comment Code of Conduct | Funding Adjustments – Low SES and ELP Loadings | Conference on Identity – 7th or 10th September, 2016 | Tim Wilson (ex-Human Rights Commissioner) on Religious Freedom | PC Conformity | Por nography – Your Choicez | Duty of Care Before and After School Hours: Who is Responsible? | Christian Churches Drifting Too Far From the Marketplace of Ideas | Catholic Bishops Speak Out | Catholic Bishops May Speak – But is Anyone Listening? | John Hattie – How to Improve the Quality of Education in Australian Schools? | What Works Best and What Doesn’t Work in Education | NSW AIS Research into Academic Achievement | Schools Operating as Incorporated Associations – WA, NSW, SA and TAS | ACER Report Examines Five Major Challenges Facing Schools | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | Why be a School Principal? | Female Student at Catholic School Wins in Fight to Wear Pants | US Government Issues Trans gender Restroom Guidance to Schools | Nature (Genetics) or Nurture – Educational Outcomes | NAIDOC – Songlines: The Living Narrative of our Nation | From Tiger to Free-range Parents – What Research Says About Pros and Cons of Popular Parenting Styles |

2016 05 May

Welcome | UPDATE | Short Updates | The Budget – A Guide for Christian Schools | Foreign Aid – Where is our Moral Outrage? | Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commission Case Development | Education Funding is a Mess | Disability Funding |
Is There Government vs Non-government Inequality? | Federal Funding Restored to Three Islamic Schools | 2016 Global Christian Schools Network Gathering | ADVICE | Caretaker Conventions | What is so Outstanding About Those Finns? | John Collier – Part 4 | The Reason for Changing Enrolments Patterns | Christianity is the Greatest Shaper of Australia Says John Howard | Creating a Child Safe Culture | Q&A’s All-Christian Panel Told Those who Disagree are ‘Neither Wicked nor Stupid’ | s the Christian Voice Being Shut Out? | Legal Actions Against Schools: Is Your School Prepared? | Can our Federalism Feuds be Fixed by Looking Overseas? | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | Parents are Formidable | School Bans Hugging in Favour of Caution | Kids are Sponges for Bad Parenting | Key Reasons Why Teachers Quit | How Autism can Make the Teenage Years Even Tougher |

2016 04 April

Welcome | UPDATES | Short Updates | Two Conference Opportunities | Interesting Statistics | AACS AGM | Christian Schools National Policy Forum – 23 & 24 May | Christian Schools Symposium – 25 May | NAPLAN Results Out and My School 2016 Updated | ISCA and AHISA Forum | Independent Schools Inject Value into the Queensland Economy | ADVICE | Discrimination Activism Going Mad | Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) Controversy and Review | The SSCA Controversy – AACS commentary | Big Concerns for Andrews’ Government – Further AACS Commentary | Year 8 Kids to Study Se x Ads | The Australian Editorial – The Se xulisation of Children | Does Gender Correspond with Biological Se x? | Gender Ideology Harms Children | Alternative Anti-Bullying Programs | John Collier – Next Instalment | The New Grattan Institute Report – Widening Gaps | Is There a Link Between Funding and Results? | Update on the Student With Disabilities (SWD) Situation | Governance Wars | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | Explaining Offshore Banking Using Piggy Banks | Cut the Waffle | Not Another Disability Acronym | Parents Assisting Their Children Develop Skills for School | Victorian Students Screened for Dyslexia | Parents Made Responsible | Mother’s Day and the Christian Connection |

2016 03 March

Welcome | Short Updates | Voting Reform and a Possible Double Dissolution Election |
AACS 2016 Election Campaign | Safe Schools Coalition | Marriage Plebiscite and Legislation Preparation | AACS AGM | Unity Amongst Christian Schools – One Advocacy Body | Christian Schools National Policy Forum – 23 & 24 May | Symposium – 25 May | Select Committee on School Funding Investment | School Enrolment Numbers – the Latest Data | Closing the Gap – Annual Report | Students With Disability Data and Funding – ‘A System in Crisis’ | National Disability Insurance Scheme National Framework | Male Teacher Numbers Dwindling | South Australian Equal Opportunity Review |
Australian Law Reform Commission – Inquiry on Religious Freedom | ADVICE | Religious School Loses its Funding | Free Speech and the Culture Wars | Children’s Access to Inappropriate Online Sites can have Devastating Repercussions | Q Commons – A Great Think Tank | John Collier’s Report on European Christian Schooling | Victorian Schools Axe A to E grades in Light of Updated Guidelines |
Former Student Sues Victorian Educ Department | OTHER INTERESTING MATTERS | A Clash Between Commonwealth and State Anti-Discrimination Laws | Separating Students on Ability – ‘Is a Failure’ | Australian Child Wellbeing Project Report | Some Good Press – Covenant Christian School ACT | Just for Fun |

2016 02 February

Greetings|AACS AGM|Christian Schools National Policy Forum – May 23 & 24th|UPDATE|Update Summary|The ALP’s Funding Policy|The Contentious Issue of Funding – Extra AACS Comments|Is There Much That Separates the Parties on Education Policy?|Election Preparation|Easier for Parents to Volunteer Their Time at School – South Australia (SA)|New Child Abuse Laws Come into Force in Victoria|Small Change to National Employment Standard (NES) Parental Leave|Senate Committee Reports on Disabilities|GOOD ADVICE|Child Protection Toolkit|John Collier, Some Worthy Study Notes|Risk Management – Attention Business Managers and Principals|Independent Schools are a Broad Church|The Difficulty of Defining Child Abuse|Mental Health, Disabilities and Bullying|The Relationship Between the Principal and the School Board|OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES|Christmas Carol Ban is out of Tune with Society|Why was Tony Abbott so Unpopular?|Do we Take our Fair Share and Does our Practice Have Integrity? – Students with Disabilities|Teachers are Leaving the Profession|The Horrible State of Political Donations|Pornography Harms Kids|The New School Year can be a Time of Dread for Parents of Kids with Special Needs|2015 the Year that was ‘Education’|Why are our 15 Year Olds Falling Behind in Reading and Writing?|Labour Day|

2015 12 December

Christmas Greetings | Welcome | Positive Comments on Funding Model | ISCA Executive Director | Good Advice | Discriminate, but do it Well | Teen Sexting – Not an Issue? What a Lie This is | Other Interesting articles | ICT is Failing in Schools – Here’s Why | Wired and tired: Why Parents Should Take Technology Out of Their Kid’s Bedroom | Finding Peace Within the Holy Texts | Free Speech Suffers When the Intolerant Take Offence | Western Civilisation is Under Threat, but not Just From Terrorism | It May be Awkward, but we Need to Talk to Kids About Porn |

2015 11 November

Welcome | UPDATE | The Political Update | Notices of Non Compliance | NAPLAN Online | GST | Funding Again – The Coalition Re-enters the Fray | A Fresh Set of Principles for Funding – Simon Birmingham | A Link Between Educational Outcomes and Funding | Dates for AACS AGM and National Policy Forum | NSW Prayer Groups | Tasmanian Anti-discrimination Test Case | NSW Christian Schools Roundtable | Notices of Non Compliance | GOOD ADVICE | Ethos Clauses | New Child Safe Standards to be Introduced in Victoria | Important Royal Commission Report on Reasons Why Schools Fail to Stop Abuse | Mandatory Reporting: Children’s Statements to Teachers About Abuse | School Structures and Taxes | OTHER INTERESTING ARTICLES | The Pillar | All our eggs in the phonetics basket? | Wardrobes, Witches and Why We Need Logic | Facebook concerns | Reporting Time | Parent Teacher Interviews | Seven Myths About Dyslexia Put to Rest |

2015 10 October

A New Education Minister | Changes on the other side | It’s another shift for Child Care | Reflections on the challenges faced by the new Education Minister | A Pyne report card – How did the Minister go? | Should Prayer Groups in Schools be allowed? | Does religion have a place in the public square? | What are the religious instruction guidelines for different states? | Ministerial Council Agreements | Christian Schools and the Australian Curriculum | What are the changes to the Australian Curriculum? | What about changes at the state level? | Leave the Australian Curriculum alone for a while | Phonics, faith and coding for primary school kids | An overview of the Christian Schools’ Funding Paper | Senate Inquiry into Students with Disability (SWD) | Anti–Discrimination Laws | Complaint against Catholic Archbishop represents rising intolerance against Christianity | Attention Business Managers – Australian Government Recurrent Funding | National Children’s Week: Oct 24 – Nov 1 | Reading teaching in schools can kill a love for books | Are iPads in schools a waste of money? OECD report says yes | 21st Century Assessment | Should children help in cleaning up? | Children learn from stress and failure: all the more reason you shouldn’t do their homework | Parental aspirations drive children’s academic success | How does the home environment influence children’s learning? | ‘A refund for faulty service’: Private school repays school fees following sexual abuse of student |

2015 09 September

Opening Notes | Welcome Christine Paech | A New Prime Minister | Spotlight on Religious Freedom | Discrimination Exemptions on Again in Victoria | Special Religious Instruction Cutbacks in Victoria | And then there was only me – Are Christian Schools in the firing line? | Christianity is still significant in our National Life | Intolerance of the Intolerant – Q&A 17 August | NSW Prayer Groups | Gayby Baby | Safe Schools Coalition | Deed of Indemnity | Where are we at regarding the Royal Commission Outcomes? | Beware of Grooming Behaviour | Using NAPLAN Data | NAPLAN Online can’t Deliver Fair Results | Gratten Report – Targeted Teaching | Do Faith and Politics Mix? | Higher Education Completion Rates | New Acting Executive Director of ISCA | Charter Schools in Australia? | Long Term Funding Model | The politics of Funding and Wage Expectations | Submissions – Students with Disabilities | Making Reasonable Adjustments – SWD | How much did your fees go up? | Back to Basics – isn’t all that it cut out to be | Two John Hattie papers | Junior Primary Book on Bullying | Bullying | Bullying and Legal Action | How to Handle Bullies? | Too much Screen Time | Why Screen Time before Bed is Bad for Children | Fallacious Neurosophisms | Teaching How to Think if just as Important as Teaching Anything Else

2015 08 August

NAPLAN Results Out | The Good, the Bad, the Ugly – NAPLAN | NAPLAN – How did your state perform? | Comparing the top and bottom end? | Primary Curriculum shifts to core skills | Review of Traditional Rights, Freedoms and Privileges – ALRC | Is Private vs Public really Peter vs Paul? | Risk of Child Sexual Abuse in Schools | The Child Sexual Abuse Royal Commission’s first major report | Historical sexual abuse claims— what standards apply: those of today or yesteryear? |COAG Leaders Meeting – July 23/ 24 | ALP on Education | Are you ACNC Reporting compliant? | Ease needless bureaucracy for teachers | Transition to Secondary School | Do your Year 12 Graduates Finish their Uni Degrees? |
Magna Carta at 800 – Understood as drafters intended it to be | OTHER INTERESTING MATERIAL | Should students be taught to scrub toilets and vacuum classrooms? |
Over-parenting | Slow Your Family Down |

2015 07 July

Same Sex Marriage and its Implications | Christian School Accused of Victimising 10-year-old transgender girl | Christian Sex Education Program Gets in Trouble | Resignation of ISCA CEO Yvonne Luxford | South Australia Code of Conduct | Reform of the Federation White Paper | School Funding – Can’t see the Wood for the Trees? | Senate Inquiry into Disability Standards for Education | SWD – NCCD Data Date | Australian Government Compliance Certification | Minimum Wage Rises | National literacy and numeracy test for teaching graduates | National literacy and Numeracy Test for Teaching Graduates | Classroom Allocation more Important than other Policy Considerations | Ignore at Your Peril | Children’s eSafety Commissioner: Cyber-bullying Complaints | New Chair for ACARA | ALP Educational Positioning |OTHER INTERESTING MATERIAL| Banning Nuts from Schools is No Use | Former student Sues School – Bullying | ADHD Students Should be Allowed to Fidget |

2015 06 June

The 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta | Great new resource – Transformation by Design | 2015 Christian Schools National Policy Forum | Religious Freedom – Tasmania | Disability Standards for Education Review | Understanding the Disability Standards | Concerns about the Disability Definition and its Consequences | SWD Numbers Swelling |Great new Autism Assistance | Education Council Meeting – May 29th | The STEM and Coding Discussion | Concern about Islamic Schools Compliance with the Education Act 2013 | Changes at the ‘Early Years’ end | OECD Skills Outlook 2015 – Youth, Skills and Employability | The PISA Report – Australia 14th | Anything to be learnt from the East Asians? | Further Learning from Asia’s School Systems? | Five things Schools Need to Know about Privacy | OTHER INTERESTING MATERIAL | A Donocracy

2015 05 May

AACS AGM and the National Policy Forum – Canberra May 24-26th | Quick Political Issue Update | The 2015 Budget | NAPLAN Automarking | Privacy – One year on. Are you Privacy Compliant? | Finding Suitably Qualified Teachers – Using ‘Permission to Teach’ | Teachers say “We don’t have time for mental health” | Should the States be in Charge of School Funding? | ACNC Update | ACNC – Updating your Charitable Sub-Type | Electronic Super Processing | Updated Low SES and ELP Loadings’ Calculations | Tax Discussion Paper – Attention Business Manager | 2015 Student Attendance Data Collection | Victorian Human Rights Review | Australian Law Reform Commission Review – ‘Traditional Rights and Freedoms’ | Guidelines for School Playgrounds | OTHER INTERESTING MATERIAL | War on ‘Pointless Paperwork’ | Christopher Pyne’s Four Pillars |

2015 04 April

Annual General Meeting 24th May | Christian Schools National Policy Forum – May 25 & 26 | Invite Your Local Federal Member | Two Great New Resources | New Opening for Tax Deductibility | Autism Boy ‘Locked Up’ & AEU survey | nationally Consistent Collection of Data – SWD | Schools Obligations to Students with Disability (SWD) | Online Autism Help | e-Safety Commissioner Appointed | Keeping up With the Child Abuse Requirements | ‘Removing School Freedoms is in Bad Faith’ | Skills for Social Progress: the Power of Social and Emotional Skills | Review into Early Childhood Education Report | Religious Freedom – Cardus | The Impacts of part Time Work on Study and Grades | Dealing with Problem Parents

2015 03 March

AACS Annual General Meeting 24th May 2015 | Christian Schools National Policy Forum – May 25 & 26 | Where’s The Australian Curriculum Review Up To? | Abolishing ACNC On Hold | NAPLAN 2014 Results Out | Compliance Framework | More TTC Schools | VET Changes | Teacher Education Report | Online Autism Help | School Data | ISCA Executive Director – Newly Appointed| School Governance – a Recommended Resource | What Are We Allowed To Include In Our Employment Contracts? | Relaxing the Free-To-Air TV Rules | Interesting Article: ‘Tide of Disregard’ for Language Kills Reading | On NAPLAN – Some Alignment with a Greens Position | The Intergenerational Report and Schools

2015 02 February

Federal Government Instability | Where’s Funding at? | Christian Schools National Policy Forum – May 25, 26 2015 | On a Personal Note | Queensland Election Result | Trade Training Centre Review | Productivity Commission Report on Government Services (RoGS) – Education Section | Federation White Paper | Autism Education Website Launched | Tax Reform: GST on Education – a Big Deficit for Christian Schools | Surviving Year 12 | Schools Clean Up Day | eSmart Digital Licence | WA Bans Corporal Punishment | School Chaplaincy | Raising the Bar: Meeting New Standards in School Governance | Gen Z Heralds the Rise of the ‘Screenager’

2014 12 December

Christmas Greetings | On a Personal Note | The ALP Victory in Victoria and its Implications for Christian Schools | Christopher Pyne – The Education Year in Overview | 2015 Student Attendance Data Changes | My School Website – Review of 2013 School Financial Data | Explaining School Fees | Australian Government Funding – 2015 | Australian Curriculum & Christian Schools Resource Response | 2014 Annual Information Statement – ACNC (Business Managers Note) | Australian Government Financial Accountability – (Business Managers Note) | 2011–2014 Principal Health and Wellbeing Report | The Right Way to use the School Credit Card | Great Character | Where has AACS been Representing you Recently – Nov |

2014 11 November

Chaplaincy Applications | Do Christian Schools Carry their Fair Load | OECD 2014 Education at a Glance | The State of Play of the Australian Curriculum | Changes to the Australian Education Act 2013 & SIP | Education Council Meeting – 31st October | Unhelpful Grandstanding | Disability Funding | Naplan on-line – What about the Logistics? | Go Home On Time Day: November 20 | Emphasis on Teachers and AITSL Changes | AITSL’s Report on Teacher Training | The Freedom to Employ Christian Staff and Victorian Election Update | Freedom 4 Faith | Freedom of Religion Under Pressure – Bob Johnston | Rights and Responsibilities Survey | Increasing State School Autonomy | Student Death Prompts Calls for Better Camp Safety | School Boards: Manage your Reputation | Leadership Challenges | Where has AACS been Representing you Recently – October

2014 10 October

Review of Australian Curriculum | Anti-Discrimination – Tassie Update | Anti-discrimination – Victorian update | Freedom 4 Faith – Briefing Paper on Religious Freedom | School Chaplaincy Update | Australian Education Amendment Bill 2014 & School Improvement Plan (SIP) | More Flexible Reporting | The Final (October) Payment | Funding Estimator Tool (FET) Update – what funding amounts are included | Submission – Low SES Loading Review | An interesting approach to fees | Tailored NAPLAN Testing – 2013 Study | Document retention and destruction for not-for-profits | Student “bullied by teachers’ sues school | Interesting Privacy Law Case – the need to take care | Eat Local Feed Global: 12-20 October | Anti-Poverty Week 12-18 October | Helpful Resources for Online Protection of Children | CyberBullying Research | Pressure of Schools to Make the Grade | Where has AACS been representing you recently

2014 09 September

Disability Funding and Data Collection | Funding Certainty and the Funding Calculater | Big Percentages are Not for your ‘Recurrent’ Pockets | Getting the Parent Occupation Code Register Correct | Chaplaincy Clarifications | NAPLAN Results | Government Response to NAPLAN Recommendations | A Great Naplan Cover Letter | Greater Public School Autonomy | The Great Homework Debate | How Good is the OECD PISA Rating? | Independent Education Union Campaign on Disabilities | Pre-School Funding Reassurance | Where has AACS Been Representing you Recently |

2014 08 August

Schools Security Programme | Religious Freedom in Victoria | Equal Opportunity Legislation – Victoria | Recent Submissions | Trade Training Centre Review | School Improvement Plan and the Professional Teacher Development Framework | Reduce Red Tape – ‘Command and Control’ | Funding Estimation Tool | Teachers on Net | Primary Principals Want More Freedom to Decide | Australian Curriculum – A Christian Schools’ Response | Paul Kelly at his Best | Prolegis | Cyberbullying | Where has AACS Been Representing You Recently

2014 07 July

Corporal Punishment Debate | July Funding Notices | Chaplaincy Funding Update | Senate Select Committee Abbott Government’s Budget Cuts | Senate Select Committee School Funding Review | Trade Training Centre Reveiw | Australian Curriculum Review | Consultation Before the Abolition of the ACNC | Christian Schools National Business Conference 2014 | White Paper on Reform of the Federation | Prolegis – Employment Law | Schoolkids Bonus | Where has AACS been representing you recently

2014 06 June

We have made some improvements | National Policy Forum resources | Not-for-Profit reporting ACNC | | Chaplaincy update | Victorian ALP to limit religious exemptions | Is the right of equal opportunity a higher right than religious freedom | Senate select committee hearing on school funding | School funding update | Students with Disability Funding | Direct federal funding for our sector | Note for business managers | A bucket load of money won’t fix the problem | Recent submissions | Student principal for a day | What different interest groups can do with figures | “NAPLAN is not in the best interest of young Australian’s” | Copyright reform | Where has AACS been representing you recently

2014 05 May Policy Forum Reflections

Policy Forum Reflections

2014 05 May

High Court Challenge to School Chaplaincy | Commission of Audit (COA) | The COA Rationale | Federal Schools Funding | Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) | AACS Policy Package | Australian Curriculum Paper | AACS AGM & National Policy Forum | VET in Schools (VETiS) Funding | Centre for Independant Studies Report | Class Size Flexibility | Teacher Education Public Consultation

2014 04 April

Discriminating when employing | The new funding model | School Improvement Plans | Students with a Disability Funding: confusion | Reducing regulatory burdens in the Australian Education Act 2013 | National Policy Forum | Privacy Policy changes | Policy Support | Australian Curriculum submission | Controversy over Judeo-Christian influence | Well-being research project | Moral outrage coming from an unusual corner

2014 02 Feb

Bob, the Advocate … he can fix it | New Contact Details | New Book: “Taking God to School” | AACS writes submissions | Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission | School funding update | Review of the Australian Curriculum | Why funding independent schools is a smart idea

2013 12 December

Announcement from the AACS Council | Vigilance with your PEN’s | New name for DEEWR | Farewells and Christmas greetings | Coalition “scraps the cap” on self-education | Government boosts support for students with disabilities | Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)

2013 10 October

Better Schools Funding | Supplementation | A reminder – School Improvement Plans | Replacement for retiring Executive Officer | Being prepared to Defend our Place in the Education Sector

2013 09 Sep

A Challenging Future | Connect with your new Federal Member | Position Vacant – Executive Officer AACS | Principal Position – Leighland Christian School

2013 08 Aug

Differentiating the Two Major Parties | AACS and the Australian Greens | Position Vacant – Executive Officer AACS | Funding Update | What to Expect in January 2014 | New Draft Health and Physical Education Curriculum | AACS Policy Service | Other Positions Becoming Vacant

2013 07 July

ISCA Brokers Special Transition Funding | Preparing Your School Improvement Plans | Election Updates | Policy Updates

2013 06 June

Bills to be passed before the end of this week | The Sex Discrimination Amendment | Election update | Financial Prudential Health Watch Survey and Report

2013 05 May

Gonski Again | The Coalition’s Position | State Reform Agendas | The Royal Commission into Child Abuse | The Australian School Performance Institute

2013 04 April Issue

Join us in Canberra in May | Gonski Update April | Election Support Pack | Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission | Introduction of Governance Standards | Protecting Our Calling Against the Ravages of Change | Current Submissions | State News

2013 03 March

Gonski funding | Brave New World of Gonski | Federal Election Strategy | National School Improvement Plan | How Should AACS Schools Position themselves? | What about the Coalition? | Beyond Gonski.